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Get fight-fit as a family with Hanuman Thai Boxing & Fitness Centre’s back-to-school offer!

By Promotions 9 September 2020

Are the kids driving you up the wall? Are your stress levels off the charts? Sounds like you may be in need of some discipline, and a release of those happy hormones! With Hanuman Thai Boxing & Fitness Centre's back to school offer, you and your little ones have a special opportunity to get fit as a family and get the best of both worlds of Muay Thai and fitness.

Following Hanuman’s rebranding in June, this leading Hong Kong gym is now equipped with new fitness classes, brand-new gym facilities, and an amazing team of international instructors that will help you achieve the fitness level you have always desired. With this one-time, back to school special offer, couples can now enjoy 15 percent off, and children can join the Muay Thai kids’ classes for FREE!

Hanuman offers three weekly Muay Thai classes for kids and two fitness classes for kids on Saturday. Kids can attend all of them (based on class capacity and pre-booking availability). Classes will be limited to 20 kids. Please see the schedule here.

Hanuman Thai Boxing & Fitness Centre – where fitness is our only religion.

With doors open for 10 years now, Hanuman has been firm with its roots in Muay Thai & Muay Boran. With the fitness world changing at every turn, today we have evolved into a one stop fitness solution gym with over 7500 square feet of space for different levels of Muay Thai and fitness classes for all ages.