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Nice Guy Camouflage: NecesCity Lads On Channeling Your Inner Bad Boy

By Localiiz 14 May 2014
May 14th 2014 Courtesy of Our Friends at NecesCity “Nice guys finish last” is an edict long forgotten since the dawn of the metro-man. Clean living and a perfectly coiffed quiff are the weapons of choice for today’s go-getter geezers, but there are lessons to be learnt from our fashionable forebears, beyond cigarettes and a surly disposition. Let the enlightened boys over at our brother site NecesCity present to you the rebellious stylings of Localiiz-featured business Pretty Dangerous, ensuring your new look will be that of a clean-cut rebel with a cause. It’s no secret that every girl harbours a hidden – or in some cases, not so hidden – desire for the proverbial bad boy. They may be loathed to admit it, but there’s a reason why the bad boy is to so many woman what kryptonite is to Superman. These charismatic, chain-smoking, leather-wearing, Marlon Brando types are the guys that manage to carry the enduring affections of several girls at any one point in time. Now, as gentlemen, we’ve evolved beyond this rather juvenile persona, but there’s no harm in displaying subtle hints towards the rebellious streak beneath – just enough to remind her she doesn’t want to drive off a cliff sitting next to a James Dean wannabe. Pretty Dangerous enables this crafty allusion to the dark and mysterious side of life with a collection of distinct jewellery and accessories for men. Noted for its unique design and high-quality materials, this carefully curated men’s collection is sourced from independent designers around the world. From chain-link necklaces reminiscent of Al Pacino’s Tony Montana to playful skull-motif cufflinks grinning cheekily from beneath your jacket sleeves, these bold pieces will give off just the right amount of the bad-boy image without raising the deal-breaking red flags in her mind. If you’re looking to round out your style with edgy details or are just keen to accessorise with some stand-out pieces, invest in one of these little trinkets and make bad work for you. Pretty Dangerous, ensuring the nice guys don’t finish last.

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