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The Week Gone By: October 30

By Localiiz 30 October 2015
Didn't get to read the news this week? Not a problem! We'll help you shine in any social situation this weekend with six totally random conversation starters from the news of the week gone by. Pick your topic!
  1. Aharry-LEGOSatire and toy bricks Political activist and artist Ah Weiwei had a chuckle and retweeted Harry’s SCMP cartoon referring to toy maker LEGO’s refusal to sell their toy bricks for his latest artwork. The brand would rather their bricks were not used for political works. Should children be warned?
  2. Hong Kong’s chances in the World Cup soccer qualifiers improve Kitchee players Alex Akande and Sandro have obtained Hong Kong passports ahead of significant decider matches in the World Cup soccer qualifiers next month against Maldives and China. Who else should get a Hong Kong passport to improve our chances?
  3. Animal rights Hong Kong citizen Lee Chung swerved to avoid an "animal" early on Monday morning, driving his $4.8 million Ferrari 458 Spider in to the hillside. "Animal" or hillside? What would you have done?
  4. Road safety The beta version of the Tesla autopilot model was taken for a test drive on Hong Kong’s streets. We read that this is a significant step towards the launch of the first driverless car, except that the technology, reportedly, doesn’t yet recognise stop signs or traffic lights. Would this make a difference?
  5. Electoral choice 68 out of the 431 constituencies in the November 22 district elections are uncontested. This means that about 18 percent of the electorate have to take what they are given. Didn't we just have an umbrella revolution?
  6. Work-life balance Over 60 percent of workers in Hong Kong feel that their work-life balance has worsened in the last ten years, according to a study commissioned by Community Business, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to advancing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Asia. How have the last ten years been for you?

The secret to having a rewarding work-life balance is to have no life … then it’s easy to keep things balanced by doing no work.” Dilbert

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