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Move Over Magic Mike: Hong Kong Hunks Heating Up the Party Scene

By kim_hobson 29 July 2014
  If you’re looking for a hot addition to spice up your hen party, an attentive waiter to make your guests feel extra special, or simply something to swoon over while sipping on sangria, look no further than Valley Butlers, whose team of tasty topless servers is on hand to give flesh-hungry Hong Kongers a night to remember. Localiiz caught up with one of the founders, Ed Rolston, to chat vibrators, body shots and the brains behind the buffness.

Valley Butlers Founders, Ed Rolston and Matt Lamming

  Traditionally attired in nothing but a backless apron, cuffs, a collar and a bowtie, naked waiters first originated as a concept in the UK before being picked up in the USA, Canada and Australia. Having watched their well-built rugby player friends raking it in on the side while at university in the UK, long-time local friends Ed Rolston and Matt Lamming decided it was time to add a little hunk to Hong Kong. They founded Valley Butlers in 2013, and have been delighting the city’s saucy party scene ever since. “Those guys in the UK normally just wear an apron and their bottoms are on show,” Ed told Localiiz. “We go a little classier and wear suit trousers, smart shoes and bow ties. Occasionally you get clients looking for an open ass butler, but we don't normally do that.” However, these boys are still an accommodating bunch, happy to submit to a karaoke sing-along, cheeky games of Twister and serve their torsos up for a round of body shots. From what Ed tells us, not a lot fazes them. “We once got booked for an event in Macau. The client told us it was a corporate party so we briefed the butlers and told them they’d be serving wine and food. They got there and it was a sex toy convention. They got a little bit more than they bargained for, but it was all good fun!” So who are these men, willing to pander to your every whim and remaining unfazed when confronted with a dildo or three? “The butlers are usually part-time models, personal trainers, surfers, Abercrombie guys and even the odd Hong Kong rugby player,” says Ed. And you can rest assured you’re not going to get any old poser turning up, as there’s a strict vetting system at Valley Butlers. “As well as being in exceptionally good shape, the guys have to be charismatic, outgoing, know how to mingle and be comfortable with any environment. A lot of our guys have experience in high-end modelling. We have one new guy who’s done a few events already - he’s a big time model and has been on the cover of Men’s Health!” But even the most composed of Casanovas must fear for his life a little when the ladies get over excited? “One time we sent a guy on his first job to a hen party in a private dining room. We’d done a party with the organiser before so thought they’d just be serving drinks - dead easy. The new guy went in and it was total chaos. He came out white as a sheet with lipstick all over his body, completely covered in vodka from where they’d done shots off his body,” Ed laughs. But it’s not all baby oil and brides-to-be, as the Valley Butlers are often booked for genuine corporate parties. Whilst guests are guaranteed something good gawp at, they can also rest assured that their drinks are not being prepared by an airhead with nothing but abs. “We recently added some trained mixologists to our books. Not only are they in excellent shape, they’ve worked in some of the very best restaurants and bars all over the world, from the clubs of Spain to the Champagne Bar here at the Grand Hyatt.” Besides pimping out their team of totty, do Ed and Matt ever contribute themselves to these topless butler parties? “If someone pulls out last minute we do rock paper scissors to see who goes,” says Ed. “Matt’s done a couple, I’ve done one for a 50-year-old’s birthday party who didn't even know I was coming. Most of them thought I was a stripper!” So if you fancy hiring someone charming, gorgeous and ripped for your next event, or if think you got the looks and charisma to impress Hong Kong’s ladies, visit the Valley Butlers Localiiz page and get in touch! Got anything cool you'd like Localiiz to share? Send Us Your Stuff!

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