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Mix It Up with the New Range of Cocktails at Blue Butcher

By crystal_wilde 12 July 2013
  Just when you think Blue Butcher cocktails couldn’t get any more imaginative, the creative minds behind the most daring drinks list in town are back with a brand new flavour. Sticking to their tried and tested prohibition theme, Blue Butcher’s mighty mixologists have turned a corner into culinary cocktails, with everything from blue cheese to bacon being shaken and stirred into tasty tipples. All are available immediately, so swing past the Hollywood Road hot house and find your new favourite.

The Flapper

Inspired by the brazen broads of the 1920s, chastised for their forward-thinking attitude to fashion and fun, The Flapper is the ultimate summer cocktail for Hong Kong hotties. Combining Old Tom Gin, Chambord, Sherry Brandy and Orange Bitters, this mildly porty and fruity number will put you in the mood for mayhem.

Fig & Cheese

The most ‘acquired taste’ cocktail among the newbies has to be the Fig & Cheese. This surprisingly smooth concoction contains Black Label Scotch, Cointreau, Blue Fig Syrup, Compressed Citrus, Wormwood Bitters and - the crowning glory - Blue Cheese Foam! While not recommended to those who consider Philadelphia a decent cheese, this savoury delight serves up sophisticated lip-licking yumminess right down to the last sip.

Bangers & Mash

Also bringing unexpected ingredients to the drink list is the Bangers & Mash, a cocktail imaginatively crafted from Bacon-Washed Chase Vodka, Sweet Potato Syrup, Dry Vermouth and Gomme Syrup. Not at all the assault on the senses you might expect, this smoky delight with a hint of wholesome sweetness is one you could drink all night.

Horse’s Head

Enthused with the aphrodisiacal powers of horseradish, the nice and spicy Horse’s Head - made with Gin, Macha Powder, Compressed Citrus, Gomme Syrup and Egg White – is sure to get you hot under the collar. With a sour kick and a light foamy texture, this hard-to-define drink ticks many boxes.

Blue Butcher’s Digestive

Going head-to-head with the much-loved Blue Absinthe Fairy in the sharing cocktails department is the stomach settling Blue Butcher's Digestive. The perfect end to a heavy meal, this sipping cocktail combines the kick of Makers Mark with the sweetness of Orange, Lemon, Cardamom and Raisin Tincture, as well as new in-house favourite ingredient Gomme Syrup. Served in a corked glass flask encased in a solid block of ice, this cool customer is set to be a real crowd pleaser.

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