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Miles of Smiles for Hong Kong Happy Video

By Localiiz 20 January 2014
January 20th 2014 Towards the end of 2013, more and more reports of Hong Kong being unhappy were circulating in the press. But perhaps some frowns will be turned upside down with the help of Hélène Franchineau, Edwin Lee and Divinia Montagnon’s recently released copycat video of Pharrell Williams' latest hit Happy.   Billed as the world’s first 24-hour music video, the original offering features 400 people getting down with their bad selves on the streets of LA at every hour of the day. The accompanying interactive website allows viewers to scroll a clock and seamlessly skip between different times and locations. Feelin' like you could bust a move? Wow people with your fancy footwork after a couple of dance classes

The novel idea sparked a copycat version in Paris, and now Hong Kong also has a Happy video to all its own. Get hooked on Pharrell’s infectiously catchy new tune on a shotgun tour of the city’s via the vehicle of dance. If this doesn’t put you in a good mood for the day, you have no soul.

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