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Lunar New Year Flower Markets – A Place to Find Much More Than Just Flowers

By Localiiz 29 January 2014
January 29th 2014 If you haven’t ventured out to the Lunar New Year Fairs yet, it’s time to drop everything and head out for a truly local experience. Even if you’re not that keen on hunting down that auspicious plant for the home and office, you’re sure to enjoy the enthusiasm and colours in the crowds. We’ve gone ahead and explored Victoria Park, Causeway Bay and found some interesting keeps!
They’re not just fruits. Besides looking festive and smelling fresh, tangerine, orange and citrus plants are known to usher in luck and prosperity making them the perfect present during the season.
Transfer the hottest apps of the seasons from your phone to your living room with these awesome app pillows and tissue boxes.
It’s the perfect time of the year to start using the phrase “add oil” (gai yau in Cantonese), and no, we don’t mean in your food. It’s actually an expression of encouragement meaning refuel and make some extra effort - now that’s a total like-worthy button.
The only stinky tofu you won’t want to pinch your nose around, in fact, good luck stopping your mouth from salivating around these plush toy versions of your favourite Hong Kong street snacks!
Fancy a good clean? Take your pick from a range of auspicious Chinese characters and whatsapp symbols to unpopular Chief Executive CY Leung, also known as “The Wolf”
Forget about the fox, what does “The Wolf” say?
If you can’t seem to find your tough and durable red, white and blue striped bag from the 70s, here’s a lenticular 3D image with a reminder of the Tiananmen Square Accident and how Hong Kong has braved through since.
Let’s just forget about politics in general, it’s time for New Year festivities: what says Happy Year of the Horse better than these lively hats?
Take home your very own calligraphy painting; don’t forget to have it sealed!

What: Lunar New Year Flower Markets 2014 Where: Fifteen parks and playgrounds all over Hong Kong. Among the popular are Fa Hui Park in Mong Kok and Victoria Park in Causeway Bay When: From January 25th to 30th from noon to midnight; January 31st from midnight till 6am How much: FREE

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