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Rugby 7s Uncovered 2014 - Just For Fun Costume Competition - The 'What the Hell are You Supposed To Be?' Costume

By Localiiz 3 April 2014
April 3rd 2014 We're racking our brains trying to figure out what these guys are...maybe we're a tad slow on the uptake, but here are the nominees for The 'What the Hell are You Supposed to Be?' Costume!
Masked Beetlejuice? Instagram User: meshwins
The Golden Girls...? Instagram User: gemtz
Creepy Man Babies! Instagram User: tarastar1111
  The Creepy Man Baby's Win! (And rightfully so...)  

Check out the winners of the Sexiest Costume - Female, Sexiest Costume - Male, Best Homemade Costume, Most Topical Costume and Lamest Attempt Costume categories! Stay tuned for the nominees for the upcoming categories: *Too Much Information (TMI) Costume *Least Convincing Cross Dressing Costume

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