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Localiiz Readers Say No to Fur

By Brian Adams 2 March 2015
Localiiz readers have spoken and they overwhelming dislike the fur industry. As the 2015 Hong Kong International Fur Fashion Show, the largest fur trade show in the world, came to a close this past weekend, we posted two articles regarding the industry from experts in the field, one written by the Chairman of the Hong Kong Fur Federation and another from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Hong Kong), each defending their views. After the articles, we asked our readers to let us know if they were “Pro Fur” or “No Fur”. Thousands of readers voted and No Fur won in a landslide. The final tally is 4,491 votes No Fur versus 37 Pro Fur. Our readers also took to Facebook to share their views on the fur industry. Localiiz Readers Say No to Fur - Anne Bam ThomsonAnne ‘Bam’ Thompson wrote: “…to get fur, animals are bred in horrific conditions, badly treated then electrocuted, usually the electrodes are attached to genitals, so they are still alive but can't struggle and are skinned, the fur will fall out of the skin straight away if they are killed first so they have to be skinned alive, who are we to say this slaughter is acceptable for the sake of fashion…” Localiiz Readers Say No to Fur - Ann ChiangAnn Chiang doesn’t want animals dying for fashion: “I wear faux fur, only man-made materials. Can't stand the idea of having animals dying in the name of vanity.” Localiiz Readers Say No to Fur - Hector GonzalezHector Gonzalez was surpirsed we had even asked our readers to vote: “I'm amazed this is still an issue? It is the 21st century isn't it?” Localiiz Readers Say No to Fur - Sau Wai TaiSau Wai Tai wanted a new question: “Should be re-phrased as "pro-cruelty" or "no-cruelty". The only realness is the animal suffering in the industry. animals are not resources by the way...and they are born to be free ...” Localiiz Readers Say No to Fur - Cassandra VeriqueCassandra Verique was one of the few who sided with the fur industry: “I'm on the fur side, simply because I also eat at KFC…anyone else who is against fur and eats at KFC should think twice.” Localiiz Readers Say No to Fur - Rebeeca NganIn the end Rebecca Ngan summed up the majorioty of the comments: “No reason to kill an animal & put their fur on us. Sick.”      

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