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Localiiz On The Radio - Listen to our Founder Richard Codron on RTHK’s Something For the Weekend

By Localiiz 17 March 2014
March 17th 2014 After a significant amount of badgering and cajoling, Tim Littlechild of RTHK’s Something For the Weekend finally got our busy founder Richard Codron on his show this Saturday (March 15th). Richard, who loves nothing more than a good chin wag, was invited on as a Saturday Expert to talk about his favourite subject, online marketing. Without giving too much away about the inner workings of our exciting little start-up, Richard provided Tim and his listeners with a decent dollop of insight during his 10-minute slot. As well as explaining how Localiiz has managed to grow so quickly from a small business directory into a fully-fledged online community since our launch in April 2012, he also gave advice to other young startups about how to successfully achieve a robust online presence. Think you need even more Marketing advice? Seek the help of these Hong Kong based Marketing firms. Tim, (who is currently the Guinness World Record Holder for the quickest all-stops MTR ride), said he’s a massive fan of Localiiz, and even admitted to pinching ideas for segments and interviews from our article pages. His favourite post of late was our interview with the makers of the jaw-dropping Hong Kong Playground video. Watch it now if you haven’t already! If you missed the show or want to hear it again, click here, then on the headphones icon and select Part 2 (10:05am – 11:00am). You can expect our smooth talking CEO at around the 23-minute mark.

As an unexpected bonus, Tim also learnt how to spell Richard’s last name correctly following his botched Tweet earlier in the week. You never stop learning right, Tim? Just kidding. Thanks for the support. We love the show!

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