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Hong Kongers will seemingly stop at nothing to get beach beautiful bodies, whether that means obeying a strict diet, or spending hours slogging away in the gym each week. Luckily for us, getting in shape doesn't have to be all sweat and tears, thanks to advanced body sculpting technology from Hypoxi. Through a programme of light training in high and low pressure environments, Hypoxi works to activate your body's natural fat-burning systems, helping to shift those stubborn lumps and bumps, as well as smooth and tone your skin. Sound appealing? Give it a whirl! Localiiz has tried-and-tested it for you, check out our staff review below:

The Preconceptions

I was definitely initially sceptical of Hypoxi's methods of burning fat. I wasn’t incredibly convinced that there could be any way to lose weight that didn’t involve suffering, sweating, and starving. I was also a bit unsure of the space like technology used at Hypoxi that involved hopping into pods. In my mind, the alternating high/low pressure system technology was along the same lines as wrapping cellophane around your body to rid yourself of water weight. However, curious to know more about this non-invasive and sweat-free way to lose weight, I gave it a try and quickly learned that I could not have been more misguided about my preconceptions.

The Experience

Hpxi_ 0975


My trial with Hypoxi included a combination of their two different products offered in Hong Kong: the Hypoxi-Dermology and Hypoxi-Training. The Hypoxi-Dermology has the same benefits as a lymphatic massage. However, instead of ten fingers pressing into one area of your body, you are put into an obsessively engineered suit that utilises a vacuum and pressure system, which targets every inch of your skin for the duration of the 20-minute session. Once the system is engaged, it feels a bit like being submerged in 50 feet of water. The pressure system, along with 400 massaging bubbles, works to bring blood to the surface of the skin. This helps to eliminate toxins, reduce water retention, and ultimately firms and regenerates the skin - leaving your skin looking more smooth and supple. I left this pressure suit feeling absolutely amazing from the increased blood circulation and my face had a warm flush to it. My body had been a bit sore from past workouts when I came in, but the extra increase in blood circulation eased the build up of lactic acid in my muscles. Hpxi_ 0036


Next up came the Hypoxi-Training system which required me to wear a tutu-like skirt around my waist, a heart monitor to track my heart rate, and a temperature gauge that I wore around my inner thigh. The upright cycling was so gentle I hardly felt a thing. I did feel the machine working with my body by increasing and decreasing the pressure on my lower half. This targets blood circulation to the legs, buttocks and abdomen, working these areas harder. After thirty minutes in the machine, I had a chapter of Amy Poehler’s “Yes, Please” (highly recommended) under my belt and not a drop of sweat on my forehead. I was completely surprised to find the temperature gauge on my inner thigh showed an increase of body heat by three degrees!

The Result

Sadly, I didn’t emerge from my trial run looking like Giselle, but I was incredibly relaxed, instead of completely achy and exhausted, as I usually am when I leave the gym. I also learned quite a lot about the way our bodies function and store fat and how we can fight it with Hypoxi technology. So if you’re out there, and looking for a way to shed those extra pounds, put on the Hypoxi suit!

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