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Localiiz Meets BottlesXO: A Tasting with Tiago

By Julie Magno 30 May 2016
Did you miss our summer wines tasting in collaboration with BottlesXO? It was such a hit, we just had to tell you about it …
“We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine” – Eduardo Galeano
After meeting BottlesXO’s sommelier, Tiago, and sampling their selection of wine at several of this 60-minute wine delivery service company's rooftop sessions, it was clear that dull tastings with cliquey connoisseurs isn't the only option in Hong Kong. Bursting at the seams with charisma, Tiago has handled more than his fair share in the food and beverage scene, having opened nine restaurants in seven countries – on top of having the highest education within the wine industry. And so, we made an easy decision to put a summer wines tasting with BottlesXO on the books. Fast-forward to the big day, our guests were greeted warmly with a smile and a fresh glass of Hecht & Bannier rosé. After a quick lesson on the background of how and where the rosé was made, we moved onto a glass of perfectly chilled Mazzei Prosecco. Then came the god of all bubbles - the de Venoge rosé champagne. I turned into Sam I Am with green eggs and ham, because I could drink the de Venoge on a boat, with a goat, in the rain, or on a train. I could drink it here, there, anywhere – although, Tiago says to drink it with cake.

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The rosé champagne was, clearly, a hard act to follow. Yet, the night was topped off with another crowd-pleaser, the 2014 Poggio Civetta Chianti - a delicious, full-bodied red with a smooth taste. Our noses were put to the test, with the promise of a $500 voucher to the guest who could identify the dominant flavour. My nose completely failed me, but one scent-sensitive guest identified undertones of blackcurrant and bagged herself the prize. As far as breaking the bank, prepare yourself for the biggest shock of them all. BottlesXO actually provides wine for tastings – for free. They will deliver a selection of appropriately tempered wines and wine notes to a venue of your choice so you can learn about what you are drinking. The only thing they ask for in exchange is for your guests to download their app. Whether you need it delivered to your doorstep, rooftop, or beach towel in 60 minutes (sans delivery fee or minimum order) or want to be the star in your own wine tasting party – BottlesXO has got your fermented beverage needs on lock. They definitely helped make our first event a complete success. Cheers Tiago! Click here for more information on their app and wine tasting opportunities.
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