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Kick, Push, and Vote – Help Hong Kong Skateboard Documentary Get Mad Loot

By Localiiz 13 August 2014
August 13th 2014 Fellow Hong Konger, Alex Rodriguez, is chasing a dream, aren’t we all, but in this case it is within reach. The filmmaker reached out to Localiiz via our Facebook page earlier today to share his inspiring mini-documentary ‘Skate for Real’ and see if we could help him win £10,000 to chase his dream of documenting the Hong Kong skateboard scene. In 'Skate for Real' he follows the life of skater Hoyeung Lam and shares a message that we at Localiiz feel is vital to a happy life in this stream of overfilled days. If you have a passion, make time for it. No excuses.   Rodriguez’s mini-doc is a finalist in a sport documentary competition run by Prime & Fire and is currently in fourth place. With votes closing Friday morning at 1 a.m., we’re trying to Ollie up as many of you as possible to support a fellow Hong Konger. If he wins, Rodriguez will be awarded £10,000 to produce his final film! “I’m a videographer based in Hong Kong and I love to tell stories with my camera," the budding documentarian explains. "This competition offered me the best opportunity to showcase my work, while providing me the chance to receive economic support for future work.” Help Rodriguez become the next Pat Darrin (google him, it'll be worth it), and click here to vote! Got anything cool you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!


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