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It Just Feels Right: Laid Back Hong Kong

By brian_adams 9 September 2014
Perfect combinations are rare. Oreos and milk, the Beatles, Hong Kong and the Sevens finals. When it happens it feels like destiny fulfilled. Sometimes it’s a bit more manufactured, as in selecting a movie soundtrack that enhances each scene, think Reservoir Dogs, Almost Famous, The Social Network, or more recently The Guardians of the Galaxy. Now we’re not saying our Video of the Week rivals these films, but it is a combination of music and editing that feels as comfortable as jumping into Clearwater Bay on a hazy summer afternoon. It’s a blend of the right notes; from its washed out look and slow edits to capturing the daily bustle of everyday Hong Kong alongside a Paolo Nutini song.   Hong Kong from Jordan Bunker on Vimeo. To find out what went in to this little gem, we spoke with its creator, Jordan Bunker, who confessed to his virgin editor status. LOCALIIZ: So this is your first edit? Are you happy with it? BUNKER: Yeah, quite happy. The only regret I have is not filming enough! I now pretty much take my camera everywhere with me in case I see something that interests me. LOCALIIZ: Why were you in Hong Kong? BUNKER: I was in Hong Kong this summer to visit family for two weeks. It can get be pretty nonstop as I have quite a big family, so I was always travelling from place to place, meaning there was loads of opportunities to capture some film. LOCALIIZ: What do you like most about Hong Kong? BUNKER: Is it wrong to say I like everything about Hong Kong? The skyline is pretty incredible, both in the day and at night. The food is pretty great! Plus, if you want to escape the rush of the place, then you can get a 20-minute bus ride to the beach. It has it all. LOCALIIZ: Why did you decide to make this video? BUNKER: More recently I’ve been watching a lot of travel videos and thought it’d be cool to attempt my own. I’m also a journalism student at Bournemouth University, so it was good practice to film and edit this summer. Keep an eye on this budding talent via Twitter (@JSBunker) and Instagram (@JSBunker). Got anything cool you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!

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