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Naptime: Inside Hong Kong's First Ever Capsule Hotel

By Sophie Pettit 9 February 2017
First came the Cat Café, then came Rabbitland, so it was only a matter of time before Hong Kong's love for quirky, Japanese culture brought us our first ever capsule hotel.
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Aptly named SLEEEP, the brand new eco-friendly miniature hotel invites sleep-deprived Hong Kongers and visitors to the city to recharge their batteries inside a 2.3 square meter 'SLPer' discreetly tucked away in Sheung Wan. Decked out with eight sleepers, the quirky hotel not only provides tourists with a novelty place to crash during their stay in the city, but also offers overworked locals a quiet place to curl up and enjoy a power nap any time of the day. SLPers can be hired on an hourly or nightly basis and are fully geared towards rest and relaxation, with real wood lining, easy to close magnetic curtains, sleep-inducing circadian lighting, and air and climate control providing a cushty environment for bunkers to catch some much needed Z's. Despite being open for less than a month, the concept has already been welcomed with open arms (and puffy eyes) by residents of our chaotic city, which is well-known for its workaholic culture. "Some people just want to swing by and take a shower during their lunch break", co-founder Alex Kot (pictured below) tells Localiiz. "Others feel the need to escape the office and take a quick power nap in the afternoon. It's not only visitors to the city that need some time out." "With our new hospitality concept, we hope to offer a sanctuary for people to relax and recharge - a breathing space within a suffocating environment," adds second co-owner, Jun Rivers. "We truly believe that high quality, sufficient sleep can take us further in both professional and personal lives by revitalizing our bodies, sharpening our minds, enhancing our creativity, and strengthening our resilience." The creative duo were certainly sharp minded when it came to designing the hotel, using every inch of space available in the humble 367 square foot layout. SLEEEP includes eight full-length lockers, two rain showers heated by the captured heat from the air conditioning system, and two low-flush toilets which use 40% less water than the baseline on each flush. The thoughtful comforts, minimalist aesthetics, and meaningful use of technology is based on the architectural concept originated from Japan in the 1970s, while the user-friendly focused design is inspired by revolutionary brand Apple. So, if you're feeling rundown, have adventurous guests coming to town, or simple want to escape the ringing phones and flood of emails for an hour or two, you now have a place to escape to. And while I didn't spend a whole night inside my SLPer, I did hop inside for a little lie down and can vouch that it's pretty darn comfy. With the hotel currently offering a limited "pay-as-you-wish" promotion for hourly bookings, now's a better time than any to get some sleeep. Nightly rates range from $599 to $799. Booking online allows you to personalise your SLPer by picking your preferred mattress firmness, pillow type, and blanket thickness. And if you're worried about the snorers, don't be - the place is fully stocked up on earplugs! SLEEEP, 242 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, (in the middle of the staircase between Queen's Road Central and Gough Street), (+852) 9604 6049
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