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Hypoxi Weight Loss

By Localiiz 21 May 2013
21 May 2013 With 2,000+ studios in more than 40 countries across the globe, the innovative HYPOXI method is a huge player in the world of slimming. And with a second location now open in Tsim Sha Tsui to deal with the high demand at the popular Central studio, it seems this radical weight loss therapy is also a big hit with Hong Kongers. But despite 250,000 global advocates and various studies proving the effectiveness of HYPOXI, we were keen to look beyond the hype and try it for ourselves. Cue Laura, our glamorous sales executive who took on the challenge of becoming our in-house HYPOXI guinea pig. On a quest to prove if attaining a dream body really is a matter of science, we put her on an intensive 12-session HYPOXI programme. In this Localiiz Fat Blaster’s Diary, Laura plots her progress on the road perfection. Keep checking back to see how she gets on! lose weight

I’m not what you would describe as a health freak, but I work out most mornings before work and try to eat healthily whenever possible. Despite this however, I’m still not 100% happy with certain parts of my body. I’ve been blessed with my mother’s skinny legs, but with a natural apple-shaped figure, I find it hard to shift extra bulk on my stomach and back.

At 170cms and 75.4kg, I’m just within the lower end of the overweight bracket on the BMI index, despite my good diet and exercise regime. I therefore jumped at the chance to be the Localiiz guinea pig and find out if HYPOXI can give me that extra push I need to get the body I work so hard for. Arriving at the Central studio for my first session was like stepping into a science fiction movie, with the array of egg-shaped pods reminding me of something out of The Matrix. After being weighed and measured in various dimensions, the friendly staff helped me into a huge astronaut- esque suit and plugged me into the HYPOXI-Dermology machine for 20 minutes. lose weight

This souped-up recliner exercises the surface of the skin via a network of 400 nodules that work in a similar way to the ancient technique of cupping, while high and low pressure alternation rids the dermal layer of the toxins that cause cellulite and uneven skin texture. The sensation was not altogether unpleasant - rather like being kissed by hundreds of octopi while undergoing a full-body blood pressure test – but it did take me a little while to relax into this rather unfamiliar feeling. The thought of my body firming as I lay completely unmoving was however most enjoyable!

In my second costume change of the evening I was zipped into an even more bazaar outfit, a kind of high-waisted wetsuit tutu which connects at the hem to the Trainer S120, an upright cycling chamber that applies varying pressure to the lower body during 30 minutes of light training. This targets blood circulation to the legs, buttocks and lower abdomen, with the low pressure pushing the blood into the tissue to pick up fatty acids, the release of pressure transporting the fat into the blood stream, and the exercise pushing the blood into the muscles, where the fat is finally consumed.   lose weight

As I run around 6kl at least three times a week, I found 30 minutes of relaxed cycling at between 60 and 80 reps per minute far from taxing. I was still able to pedal normally (and work my way through a magazine) during the pressure alternation, although I could feel my body being pulled down a little and perhaps some extra resistance in my thighs. It was when I finished my stint that the biggest surprise came, as although I hadn’t even broken a sweat on my forehead, my lower half was steamy hot inside the pod, showing that the pressure was working the area harder, as promised.

On finishing my first HYPOXI Combination session, I felt satisfied and relaxed as if I’d just had a massage, as opposed to exhausted and drained as I usually feel after a workout. I also now feel very well prepared for the mission ahead of me, having received an arsenal of advice about what to eat and what exercise to undertake on both HYPOXI days and my rest days. I’m fully committed to making this work, so get behind me Localiiz fans and keep checking back for updates!

With the first week of the HYPOXI challenge under my figurative belt, I’m overjoyed to report that my physical belt is already a notch tighter! I was amazed to discover at my first official weigh-in this week that I’ve already lost over two kilos - an achievement I’ve only ever managed before with crash dieting, which is obviously very unhealthy and unsustainable.

Nothing much changed this week HYPOXI-wise, although I did get the chance to try out every lazy girl’s dream, the horizontal Trainer L250. Just like the Trainer S120, this high-tech hub combines vacuum therapy and gentle cycling to blast fat from the lower body, although with this one you’re flat out on your back with your legs in the air (no sniggering please!). The idea behind this literally laidback weight loss method is that the gravity naturally pushes the blood towards the target areas, stimulating the elimination of nasty fats.

lose weight

I’ve also been sticking to a pretty strict low GI diet and following the HYPOXI rules of completely carb-free dinners no less than two hours after my sessions. I found this pretty hard at first and seemed to be constantly craving starchy treats, but now I just plan my dinners carefully and make sure I have enough lean protein, salad and steamed vegies to fill up with. There’s also a no booze on HYPOXI days rule, which can suck a little when I have dinner plans with friends.

Towards the end of the week however I’ve started to feel much livelier, less bloated, and my little pouch tummy that I usually hate is noticeably smaller and flatter. I’m also feeling the difference in the way my clothes fit, and in my biggest achievement so far this week, I managed to squeeze into a tiny-weeny pair of white shorts that I haven’t worn since I first moved to Hong Kong.So far HYPOXI has far exceeded my expectations, so I’m determined to follow everything to a T so I can see even more results by the end of the challenge. Check in next week to see how I get on!

With only a few more sessions of HYPOXI left, my team of Body Buddies really put me through my paces this week for the last big push before my final weigh in. I’ve been getting acquainted with the third and final machine this week, the treadmill-based Vacunaut.

Normally reserved for men looking to achieve that dream six-pack, the Vacunaut uses the same high and low pressure systems as the Trainer S120 and the Trainer L250, but the fat attack is targeted to the abdomen area. As my stomach and my sides are my biggest hang-ups, I was really looking forward to seeing how effective this would be.

I run a lot in my regular workouts, so that part wasn’t a problem, but the main difference I noticed was the intense build up of heat inside the tight HYPOXI Pressure Suit and the fact that I didn’t need to run as fast to get my heart rate up. I felt like I’d run for over an hour after just 40 minutes (20 of them walking) on the Vacunaut, and by the time I was done, the onesie I was wearing under the suit was completely drenched.

lose weight

Outside of HYPOXI I’ve been sticking to the low GI diet and even being extra conscious to make sensible choices on the weekend. I managed to chug a load of water in between the wine and avoid the starchy fried food provided on a catered junk boat last weekend, although I did allow myself a bit of rice to soak up the booze!

So at the time of writing, I’ve now lost an incredible 4cm from my waist and just slightly less from my stomach, which I’m super happy about. If you want to see such amazing results in your own body, be sure to take advantage of the 30% off promotion at HYPOXI’s Central and Tsim Sha Tsui studios, only available until June 15th!

See you next week for the final results!

So after a month of working hard and eating sensibly, I had my final weigh-in this week. I knew I had done pretty well, but even I was gob-smacked to hear I’ve lost almost 4kg since I started. Not only that, I’ve lost almost 6cm from by belly (my most hated target area) and a further 5.5cm from my waist and 4.5cm from my hips. I also slimmed down on my legs and bum, although as my lower body is fairly lean anyway it wasn’t as significant. In total though I’ve lost 25.5cms across my whole body, more than a quarter of a metre. Whoop!

weight loss

I know my body image probably shouldn’t affect every aspect of my life, but I just feel so much more confident now. My clothes fit better, my posture has improved and I’m really happy with my body. I was on a junk again last weekend (it is summer after all), and I don’t think I’ve ever felt that good about my bikini body. I was probably a little too into myself! Even my fiancé, who stays in shape no matter what he eats, noticed the difference, saying he can see my abs starting to come through.

So needless to say, I’m beyond impressed with the results, and I’d recommend HYPOXI to anyone who’s looking to get great results really fast. With all the advice from the Body Buddy’s, it’s been like having a gym, a personal trainer and a nutritionist in one, so when you look at it like that it really is a good deal. You can either go to HYPOXI for one month or the gym for six. It just gave me the little push I needed to get past my plateau and shift that last bit of bulk, and I feel spurred on now to continue with a healthy lifestyle and lose even more.

Thanks HYPOXI!

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