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How Hong Kongese Are You?

By brian_adams 30 October 2014
The team that unleashed the cutest T8 mascots across the web last month are back with another creation that is sure to rack up the views online. Kokonuzz, the viral entertainment developer founded by illustrator and serial entrepreneur Alexis Bautista, recently uploaded ‘Are You a True Hong Kongese?’, a video to test just how adapted you are to living in our city. This latest video is actually more than just a bit of fun for the creative team at Kokonuzz. The real goal, according to Bautista, is to popularize the characters featured in this and future videos and then pocket the licensing fees akin to a Disney or Hello Kitty revenue model. We are going to be creating mini shows and mini memes using our characters, some developing the characters’ story, some more just for the fun of it. We will be doing it at a global level, but I can tell you that we are going to have a few more about Hong Kong," Bautista told Localiiz. 'Are You a True Hong Kongese?' features Kino, Kokonuzz’s popular pig character and former pea inspector, and Otto, a German octopus and part-time yoga instructor, as viewers are asked five simple questions about living in Hong Kong. The results rank you on a five point scale from ‘fish out of water’ to ‘pineapple bun + butter’, with ‘Jackie Chan’ somewhere in the middle. So how do you rank? Got anything you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!

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