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Hot Dogs just got Hotter at Yonge Piggies

By Localiiz 7 October 2013
October 7th 2013, courtesy of our friends at NecesCity The hot dog is pure fun in eating form. It’s cartoonish street food that delivers comfort for the soul, so it is with great pleasure that we introduce a fine purveyor of Canadian dogs right here in Sheung Wan. Yonge Piggies is awesome. They import their sausages from Canada and serve them with delectable, fatty toppings. Difficult to eat gracefully, it’s perfect pre-lash food. Just make sure you wipe your chops down before you go out on the town. They offer four types of sausage - sweet honey garlic, picante pepper, hickory smoke and cheddar - which can be topped with chilli or cheesy sauce. Served in the restaurant’s own egg and butter toasted buns, the sausages are charred on the outside but juicy on the inside. Best of all, unlike Brat, you can lather it in as many condiments as you want, free of charge. We don’t know why some eateries charge you extra for sauce. Haven’t these restaurateurs ever tried booking a flight on AirAsia? Those extras are wretched. Besides the dogs, Yonge Piggies has a good selection of other North American favourites such as poutine (chips topped with cheese and gravy) and milkshakes. The Canadian maple and peanut butter chocolate shakes are particularly naughty. You can even take a veggie there – stick them in the corner and give them the Caesar salad - and they also serve Canadian lager so you’re all set for drinks. Sadly, gas-guzzling pick-up trucks not included. Hot doggy.

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