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Hong Kongers Fight to SAVE the HONG KONG TRAMS

By Sophie Pettit 21 August 2015
Hong Kongers are hitting back hard after retired town planner Sit Kwok-keung proposed to remove tram services from Central to Admiralty in order to "solve traffic congestion” in the area. The proposal, submitted last month by Sit to the Town Planning Board, was quick to attract criticism from the public who are fighting to protect the iconic tram, which has remained an intrinsic part of Hong Kong's heritage for more than a century. While internet users are filling their feeds with outraged comments rejecting the idea of scrapping the affectionately named "ding ding", the Save the Tram Alliance, made up of community groups, green activists and land use concern groups, is calling for the Board to reject Sit's application. Meanwhile, 643 signatures have been collected by non-profit organisation Hong Kong Trams Enthusiast, which launched a SAVE the HONG KONG TRAMS petition to protest to the Government. Emmanuel Vivant, Managing Director of Hong Kong Tramways has chosen his own way to hit back at Sit's proposal by releasing a video with China Daily earlier this week, which details all the advantages the tram has to offer Hong Kongers. The Town Planning Board has scheduled a meeting to discuss Sit's proposal on October 23, but we certainly hope the idea gets scrapped ... can you image a Hong Kong without "ding ding"?

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Sophie Pettit


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