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Hong Kong Trilogy Seeks Funding

By Brian Adams 12 January 2015
An award winning cinematographer has his hat in his hand for his latest production – a 90-minute feature on three generations of Hong Kongers. Christopher Doyle, the Australian born filmmaker perhaps best known for his cult favourites including Chungking Express and In the Mood for Love, is seeking US$100,000 to complete his next project. According to Doyle’s Kickstarter page, the project began with a 30-minute film called Hong Kong 2014: Education for All focusing on the hopes of Hong Kong’s children, later renamed Preschooled. The film was a hit online, amassing 1.5 million views on Youku. The Umbrella Movement then sparked an idea that led Doyle to extend the grassroots project, providing the content for two additional segments featuring Hong Kong’s young and old residents. Part two and three of the trilogy will be named Preoccupied and Preposterous accordingly. Funds raised will go towards the production of these two chapters of the film. Backer rewards range from Executive Producer credit for US$5,000 to a thank you tweet for US$5. Watch the Kickstarter video and film preview below.

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