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Hong Kong Launches First On-The-Go Teeth Whitening Service

By Sophie Pettit 30 July 2015
We all dream of having that dazzling Hollywood smile, the kind that can knock em dead with a single flash of those pearly whites. Well, now you can make that dream a reality, thanks to Hong Kong's first on-the-go teeth whitening service, The Smile Bar. Developed in Sweden, their Wan Chai flagship store provides a quick, safe, and painless way to get whiter chompers in just 20 minutes, using a whitening formula gel which acts on surface enamel to clean and brighten.

How it works

The first time you visit the bar, you will be welcomed by one of their consultants, or "smiletenders", who will perform a pre-whitening teeth assessment using a teeth shade guide and explain the treatment process, giving you the chance to ask any questions. After a quick brush of your teeth and a swish of mouthwash, you are ushered into one of the bar's specially designed egg shaped pods, where the whitening gel is applied to your teeth and they are exposed to an LED plasma light. Then it's time to kick back and relax as the formula works its magic to turn your chompers two to nine shades whiter. It's as simple as having a quick blow dry or getting your nails done, and they'll even lend you an iPad and set of headphones to keep you entertained. After the treatment, you should see immediate visible effects using the teeth shade guide and for an additional cost, you can get a Nano Seal (think nail polish for teeth) which protects your fangs against discolouring from food and drink. Depending on your dental hygiene and lifestyle, the whitening effect can last up to six months.

How much

Three packages ranging between $588 and $1,388 are available, so you can maintain your dazzling smile on a regular basis. The generous team at The Smile Bar are giving all customers a discount of 20% off any package up until August 31.

EXCLUSIVE Localiiz offer

Just for you, Localiiz readers, we’ve scored you an upgrade to the VIP Room when you make a booking during this period, so you can enjoy the whitening treatment in the peace of your own pod (product not included). Simply quote the code LOCALIIZ in the Notes section of the online booking form, or when you book over the phone. Now there's something to smile about! The Smile Bar, 1/F Hang Wai Commerical Building, 231-233 Queen’s Road East, Wan Chai, (+852) 2620 0615. Visit the website for more information.

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Sophie Pettit


Sophie is always on the lookout for a great story and her next big adventure and loves nothing more than discovering the city’s hidden gems—and most delicious cocktails. When she’s not exploring new places, she’s off travelling and ticking countries off her bucket list.