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Hong Con: How Much Are You Willing to Pay for a Chicken Pie?

By Sophie Pettit 23 February 2016
It's no secret that here in Hong Kong, we sometimes have to pay a few extra dollars to enjoy those tasty imported goods from across the globe - we're looking at you Captain Birdseye! But do the local supermarkets really have to rub our noses in it by failing to hide the original price tags? Apparently so - if these photos are anything to go by. Snapped by Localiiz's undercover shopper during a recent trip to a supermarket (which shall remain unnamed), these shots got us thinking: just how much are we willing to pay for a chicken pie? And is Captain Birdseye involved in one of the biggest cons on the Hong Kong shelves? We did the maths* so you can appreciate just how outrageous these prices are - and not in a good way!

Quarter Pounders

food 1

UK: £2.49  /   HK: £5.83

We've got a real beef with this! Fancy tucking into a pack of delicious Quarter Pounders with onion? You'd have to have a pretty strong craving to fork out more than DOUBLE the UK price of £2.49 - the equivalent of £5.83 in Hong Kong. Hmm, Big Mac anyone?

Chicken Burgers

food 2

UK: £1.50  /   HK: £4.88

If you're more of a white meat eater, you can pick up four of these crunchy treats for only £1.50 back in the UK and think nothing of it. But head to the supermarket in Hong Kong and expect to pay more than DOUBLE that price - the equivalent of £3.55. And that's only the reduced price, the original cost would set you back the equivalent of £4.88 - more than THREE times the UK price! Oh crumbs!

Cod in Breadcrumbs

food 4

UK: £2  /   HK: £7.10

We all know that fish is an excellent source of protein, but again, are you willing to pay THREE times the UK price for it? These Cod in Breadcrumb fillets cost the equivalent of £7.10 in Hong Kong, against a measly £2 in the UK. Hmm, there's definitely something fishy going on in the frozen section! But wait, it gets worse ...

Chicken Pie

chicken pie

UK: £1  /   HK: £5.15

We have a winner! Prepare yourself for the biggest con of all - the Chicken Pie. If you live in the UK, you can pick up this poultry treat for a bargain price of £1, but if Hong Kong is home, expect to pay the equivalent of £2.45 - more than DOUBLE that price! Now, that might not sound too outrageous - after all, there does seem to be a clear pattern emerging here - but take a closer at the price tag and you will see that this is the reduced price. The original cost is the equivalent to £5.15 - a whopping FIVE times the original price! You'd have to be clucking mad to fall for that one! Forget it Captain Birdseye - no wonder you look so smug! * All calculations were made using
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Sophie Pettit


Sophie is always on the lookout for a great story and her next big adventure and loves nothing more than discovering the city’s hidden gems—and most delicious cocktails. When she’s not exploring new places, she’s off travelling and ticking countries off her bucket list.