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Give Your "Bodhii" an All-Natural Boost with Nutrigaya Supplements

By Promotions 5 December 2016

"When I was training for the 100km Oxfam Trailwalker several years ago, my trekking buddy suggested I start taking Moringa to boost my energy and endurance, as it had helped her. When some time later she developed the Nutrigaya line with Bodhii Boost, a Moringa product, I started taking it as part of my daily regime. Not only do I feel it gives me an energy boost, it also boosts my immune system. I rarely, if ever, come down with colds or flu...” - Cathy Hilborn Feng, Journalist and Physical Activist

They say you are what you eat, but with a busy Hong Kong life to maintain it might seem that all you ‘are’ is a hastily grabbed sandwich, or a bleached-of-all-nutrients rice box.

Enter natural health supplement company Nutrigaya, which is on a mission to provide our bodies with natural support for a sustained and inspired sense of well-being. Founded in 2015, the company is driven by the principles of ancient traditional medicines and holistic, whole-body healing systems.

Nutrigaya's story began with the CEO’s discovery of the power of Moringa, described as a miracle tree and nature’s multivitamin. Moringa now appears on the company’s virtual online shop shelves as Bodhii Boost, together with complementary supplements, Bodhii Core, Bodhii Pure, and Bodhii Calm, to make up the signature Bodhii Life range.

Bodhii Boost fan, Hilborn Feng, is also an advocate for Bodhii Pure, “to give my liver a break”, and Bodhii Calm, “to help ease stress and enjoy a great night's sleep". Feng says, “I'm a purely plant-powered endurance runner and walker, and believe this trio of all natural ingredients helps me to keep crossing the finish lines. I just finished my 8th Trailwalker, and with Nutrigaya's help, expect to finish many more - even though I am no spring chicken."

In addition to the all-natural product range, Nutrigaya’s website is a source of information for those seeking to learn more about natural wellbeing. A glossary of nature’s wonder plants and cell building amino acids is bursting at the seams with inspiration and information - did you know that curry leaf is considered to hold antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties, and aid digestion? How about that amino acid histidine is a growth and repair amino acid? We didn’t either!

You’ll also find a delicious collection of recipes and wellness tips, to support those striving to improve what they eat. If that’s you, busy Hong Konger, you may have found the answer!

The Nutrigaya Product Line

All of Nutrigaya's supplements are naturally absorbed and processed by your body. Plus, it's easy to integrate the products into your lifestyle, with something as easy as swallowing a tiny pill once or twice a day supporting your health and wellness journey. In addition, Nutrigaya is committed to purity, which means the line is GMO, preservative, and artificial flavour free.
  • Bodhii Boost– improves energy levels and all-round health thanks to the key ingredient, Moringa, described as nature’s multivitamin. Native to India, Moringa leaves have been used for thousands of years as a rich nutritional supplement. They contain 46 types of antioxidants, 90 nutrients, and 18 amino acids, making them an ideal source of varied and concentrated nutrients. Moringa contains more vitamin A than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges, more potassium than bananas, more iron than spinach, more protein than eggs, and more calcium than milk.
  • Bodhii Pure is a combination of eight natural ingredients, which support a healthy and functioning liver. This is recommended for alcohol drinkers or anyone in need of combating impurities. The ingredients - bael fruit, cardamom, liquorice, Holostemma Creeper, long pepper, Portia tree, snake gourd and ginger - have been combined and used for centuries.
  • Bodhii Core is suitable for anyone who is concerned about their cholesterol level. Our bodies naturally produce cholesterol, but that level increases as we increase the quantity of high-fat foods into our diet, such as meat, poultry, and dairy products. High cholesterol greatly increases the risk of heart disease, strokes, and heart attacks. Bodhii Cure - a combination of cardamom, Indian long pepper, liquorice, curry leaf, garlic, and unrefined sugar - works to stabilise cholesterol and supports general well-being.
  • Bodhii Calm is made of Ashwagandha root extract powder, which is known for its relaxing and fortifying effects on the nervous system. It is used to prevent stress, support immunity, promote longevity, and enhance overall energy and well-being, with its natural calming qualities. 
Nutrigaya Product

The Best Part is That Everything is Available Online!

Click here to order your Nutrigaya products online and start your journey to health and wellness today.

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