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Getting Inked – Photos from the Hong Kong Tattoo Convention

By Localiiz 26 August 2014
August 26th 2014 This past weekend, the second International Hong Kong Tattoo Convention was held at InnoCentre Hong Kong, gathering together renowned tattoo artists from around the world, along with the best of Hong Kong’s tattooed population. Thanks to one of Localiiz’s talented fans Justin Lim, a professional photographer, we’re able to present you with a taste of the body-art-filled-weekend. From pictures of attendee’s tattoos to people getting inked, Lim’s photography provides a look into an event that some Hong Kongers may have missed. A fan of tattoos, Lim believes the convention helps to educate the general public about body art. “I feel it has come more into the mainstream now. There is less of a stigma and more emphasis on the artistic side. Asians are traditionally conservative, but it was cool seeing the wide range of attendees at the convention, from old to young,” Lim tells Localiiz. Here is our selection of Lim’s photography from the convention: Take a look at the rest of Lim's photographs from the series here. Got anything cool you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!

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