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Get Smart – Education and Learning Events in Hong Kong this July

By crystal_wilde 5 July 2013
Sharpen your skills and get smart this July with education and learning events from Localiiz’s trusted businesses. From film to fashion, and healing to HTML, we have something for all persuasion of students! Learn the Lingo to Get Around Italy (July 3rd – August 8th) If you’re planning a trip to boot-shaped Italia, immerse yourself in the culture by learning the language so you can explore the land like a true Italian. Who knows, speaking the national tongue may help you start lifelong friendships with locals, outsmart swindlers and dodge tourist traps! Take the How to Get Around Italy classes at Dante Alighieri, held every Wednesday and Thursday morning from July 3rd to August 8th. For more information, check out the Dante Alighieri Localiiz profile page  
  Balance the Body (July 5th – 7th) Harmonise and transform your body’s energy force for a happy and healthier you at Inspire2Aspire’s three-day Advanced Pranic Healing & Pranic Psychotherapy course. Take a break from the stress of work and see your mind and body undergo a positive transformation. The three-day programme costs HKD$3,800. For more information, check out the Inspire2Aspire Localiiz profile page  
  Web Development for Beginners (July 8th) Does HTML give you a headache? Do you get brain haze when you hear the terms CSS and JavaScript? In a bid to help the fog disappear, General Assembly is hosting a free front-end web development introduction class on July 8th from 7pm – 9pm. Teaching you the basics of programming, frameworks and online tools, the lesson will open a window to the web and make you a tech savvy chappy in no time! General Assembly are also running courses on product management, digital marketing, user experience design and more! Fore more information, check out the General Assembly Localiiz profile page  
  Stress Less (July 13th) Heal yourself and others by learning the secrets of the Japanese alternative treatment, Reiki. Shakti Healing Circle’s Reiki level-three certificate class will run from 11.30am to 6.30pm on July 13th, costing HKD$3,500. For more information, check out the Shakti Healing Circle Localiiz profile page  
  Movie Magic (July 16th, July 30th, August 13th) Lights, camera, action! Be part of the ever-growing world of acting and learn to live right in front of the lens at the International Academy of Film and Television’s Youth On-Camera Acting Workshop. Budding actors will learn a range of preparation and practice techniques with emphasis on script, character analysis, audition techniques, memorisation and improvisation. So leave the shy and retiring you behind and shine bright for the camera! Before you enter the circle of fame however, some sweat and hard work is required. If you’re serious about a career in film, consider IAFT’s Certificate and Diploma programmes in Filmmaking, where you will learn the professional skills needed to begin a fruitful career on the screen. Hold on tight to that dream, as the stars of fame will soon be within your reach! For more information, check out the IAFT Localiiz profile page  
  Know Your Fashion (July 17th) If you can’t live without your trusty jeans or edgy denim jacket, come and learn how the casual and cool trend of blue jeans took the world by storm. Join Dante Alighieri Society’s Fashion Workshop on Wednesday July 17th from 7pm to 8.30pm at SICIS Showroom. For more information, check out the Dante Alighieri Localiiz profile page  
  Women Take Charge Women of the world where art thou? iEdge Consulting is hosting a series of life-changing classes on leadership skills for women. Heads are sure to turn your way as you learn to become powerful, persuasive and make your mark on the challenging world of management with a cool confidence. Boost Your Business For eager beavers ready to give their businesses a boost, iEdge Consulting is also offering workshops on corporate training, including courses on personal development, soft skills, IT, finance, startup and HR recruiting. For more information, check out the iEdge Consulting Localiiz profile page  

Appearance is everything Look and feel your best with the help of Inspire2Aspire’s Colour Me Slimmer & Younger Workshop. Learn how to use the perfect tints and tones to complement your style and bring out a healthy glow! Also offering Dress for Success workshops, Inspire2Aspire will teach you clever tricks and tips to appear more confident and feel on top of the world. Each workshop lasts two hours and costs HKD$400 per adult. For more information, check out the Inspire2Aspire Localiiz profile page

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