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Get Connected - Social Media Matters Hong Kong 2013

By Localiiz 7 August 2013
UPDATED September 3rd 2013 Social media is fast becoming the world’s most valuable business tool, putting companies of all sizes and persuasions in touch with their customers and the world beyond. With 19,000+ followers on Facebook alone, Localiiz knows better than anyone the importance of keeping at the forefront of trends in digital communication and marketing. That’s why we’re delighted to yet again be chosen as media sponsors for Hong Kong’s second Social Media Matters conference, set to bring social media movers and shakers to the city for a day of ideas and insight on September 10th. We’ll be there on the ground meeting and Tweeting, but keep checking back here for updates as the event nears! This Year’s Programme This year’s Social Media Matters programme will feature of series of seminars, interviews and case studies from top brands, researchers and social media experts working across the Asia region and beyond. Due to the significant shift seen in the industry since last year’s event, the 2013 programme will enjoy a sharper focus on mobile, a deeper use of data and a closer look at the creative ideas bringing brands to life across new media. Besides from platform interviews with senior directors from Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin, here is just a selection of what we’re looking forward to most on September 10th. How Brands make Killer Content Although social media has given brands the equivalent reach of traditional media, the downside is that they have been forced to undertake content creation at the pace of a news agency. Scott Monty, Global Head of Social Media for Ford, gives us a rundown on what the world’s most successful brands have done to survive and even thrive in this transition. When Social Media Replaces the Internet: An Indonesian Case Study Thanks in part to the ease with which they can be accessed via low-end mobile phones, Twitter and Facebook have taken over roles normally reserved for search engines, websites and other elements of the broader Internet in Indonesia. Adeline-Ausy Setiawan, Country Media Director for P.T. Unilever Indonesia, explains how this affects Unilever’s work to market some of the world’s most famous brands. Social and Luxury: Challenges and Opportunities for High-End Brands Built on the basis of exclusivity and protected by a velvet rope, luxury brands still need to maintain their elite status in a digital world. Pierre Abadie Lacourtoisie, Regional Director of Digital and Online at Estée Lauder, talks us through the opportunities and dangers for luxury brands in the digital age. FanFest Presents: How to get 300 Million People to View your Videos Bethany Mota (Macbarbie07) has close to 300 million views on her YouTube channel and is one of the most successful YouTube users in the world. Find out how she reached such a huge audience in a special guest interview with TV presenter and personality Dominic Lau.  
  This Year’s Speakers Social Media Matters 2013 will bring audiences a broad range of speakers from top and emerging brands, social media platforms and researchers who will share their insight, tips and exciting case studies. Top Social Media Players Alongside the world’s biggest social media players, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, a new wave of up-and-coming platforms, including Line, Bubbly and Jana, will take to this year’s SMM stage. •Darin Williams, Head of South East Asia, FacebookJames Kondo, Managing Director, East Asia, TwitterNellie Chan, Director of Marketing Solutions, South East Asia and North Asia, LinkedInShintaro Tabata, Executive Officer, General Manager for Advertising Business Group, LINEKen Hong, General Manager, Weibo Marketing Strategy, SinaAlvin Chiang, Chief Marketing Officer, RenrenThomas Clayton, CEO, BubblyNathan Eagle, Co-Founder and CEO, Jana Major Brand Speakers Find out how the world’s top brands consistently utilise and excel in the social media space as senior marketing and communications executives share their secrets. •Scott Monty, Global Head of Social Media, FordLeonardo O'Grady, Director ASEAN Integrated Marketing & Communications, Coca-ColaBlake Cahill, Global Head of Digital & Social Media Marketing, PhilipsSimon Pestridge, Vice President, Marketing Greater China, NikePierre Abadie Lacourtoisie, Regional Director, Digital and Online, Estee LauderAdeline-Ausy Setiawan, Country Media Director, P.T. Unilever IndonesiaHannelore Grams, Head of Digital & Social Media, NestléBarbara Iliopoulos, Social Marketing & Community Manager - Asia, Middle East & Africa, InterContinental HotelsWidhadh Waheed, Director of Social Media Marketing, Shangri-La International    
  Hong Kong’s Social Media Landscape Over 68.7% of Hong Kong’s population is online, equating to 4.8 million people. Hong Kong’s most popular social networking site is Facebook, with 40.4% of the city’s population using it every day. Facebook is followed in the HK popularity stakes by Youtube, Blogspot and Twitter, respectively, and last year had the fastest Twitter growth in the world! The Social Effect on Hong Kong Business Sticking with Facebook, 71% of Hong Kongers on the world’s biggest social networking website say they would trust the comments other users make about brands. That’s the highest percentage of all the seven Asian nations surveyed in the most recent Reader's Digest Association poll. Of the more-than 4.3 million local active Facebook users, 79% have “liked” a company page and 72% have interacted with company posts. Nearly 25% of Hong Kong internet users say they share positive brand experiences “all the time” on Facebook, Twitter and online discussion forums. Untapped Market Despite all this, only 33% of Hong Kong businesses use social media to promote themselves, even though it has the lowest cost of entry of all marketing tools. Although a recent survey by small-business networking company Manta found that 78% of US SMEs report getting 25-100% of their business through social media, 58% of companies with Facebook pages feel they don’t know how to promote them properly. Doing it Right As simple as it might seem, social media marketing is an intricate and delicate process with many whims and requirements. Where consumers lead, marketers have followed, but many would argue that, especially in Hong Kong, this space is still an undiscovered realm whose benefits have yet to be maximized. This year’s Social Media Matters provides local businesses with a ready-made roster of experts, willing to share their winning strategies through insightful presentations, interviews and thought-provoking panel discussions. The September 10th industry event will give you a peek into the future of the dynamic world of digital marketing and equip you with the keys to turn your business challenges into opportunities.Avoid digital waste and zombie followers and make an impact online!  
  SMM - What’s it all About? Social Media Matters is Asia's only executive-level business event assessing the underlying values of social media via presentations by brands, for brands. Bringing together major global and regional social media players and the brands driving the future of consumer engagement, this event critically examines the use of social media as a powerful business tool and explores how leading advertisers can unlock the insights behind data to generate solid results. Who’s Behind it? Social Media Matters is a joint venture by Branded, an Asian event organiser, media and entertainment marketing agency, and Social@Ogilvy, a global team specialising in improving businesses and organisations through the accelerated use of social media. Branded comprises of the brains behind Digital & Music Matters and YouTube Fanfest, a showcase of runaway online talent that attracted more than 1,500 delegates to Singapore in May this year. Part of Ogilvy & Mather, Social@Ogilvy is a team of global online gurus, helping businesses reach the world by developing a social character, executing cutting-edge marketing campaigns and converting followers into sales.  
  Last Year’s Event Last year’s sell-out inaugural event attracted an incredible 525 senior executives from 270 companies from around the Asia Pacific region, with high-level delegates from some of the world’s biggest brands, including Mercedes, Samsung, Cathay, Coca-Cola, Intel, Nike and Dolce & Gabbana, in attendance. Keynote presentations were delivered by some of the world’s biggest social media platforms, such as Sina, Renren, Google, Twitter and Facebook, to name but a few. If that doesn't convince you to attend, read these gushing testimonials about last year’s event: Richard Codron, Founder & Director of Localiiz “Localiiz was in attendance at the first Social Media Matters event in Hong Kong last year, and I have to say the insights we gained were just staggering. We were rubbing shoulders with top delegates from the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Google - invaluable access for a digitally-focused start-up like ourselves. We were Tweeting like mad throughout the whole event, which helped SMM 2012 reach top of the global trends on the day. An all-round amazing experience!” Sean Rach, Regional Director, Brand and Corporate Affairs, Prudential Corporation Asia “Social Media Matters was the first event that gathered the leading minds from the social media ecosystem into one room. Hearing from and sharing issues facing brands, researchers, media owners and celebrities was invaluable and contributed greatly to the marketing community.” Paula Wan, Director of Marketing, Cisco “Great event, very informative and great interactions with the panels.” Sam Flemming, Founder and President, CiC “One of the most impressive events I have been to on the topic. Truly impressive!” What: Social Media Matters 2013 When: September 10th 2013 Where: The Grand Hyatt, Wan Chai, Hong Kong Price: US$850 or US$650 for Localiiz fans! Email the SMM Chairman for the special discount code

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