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Daphne From the Scooby Doo Gang Hits Tsuen Wan

By Localiiz 21 May 2014
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A Look at SCMP Cartoonist Harry Harrison's Best Hong Kong Satires May 14th 2014: South China Morning Post (SCMP) cartoonist Harry Harrison is nothing short of a household name in Hong Kong. His column Harry's View allows us to take a break from the corruption scandals and government failures and encourages us to laugh along with his more light-hearted view of the city's news.  

Blasts From The Past: Vintage Hong Kong Tourism Posters April 29th 2014: Hong Kong's streets are always flooded with tourists. And who blames them for coming? Our city is a great one that leaves visitors with unforgettable memories. But how different was Hong Kong for a tourist in the 1950s, compared to the city that we know now?  

Etch-A-Sketch: Kong Kai Ming’s Realistic Sketches of Hong Kong April 15th 2014: Local 82-year-old artist and Bronze Bauhinia Star winner Kong Kai Ming has gained fame in his lifetime for being one of the few famous local artists who was born and educated in Hong Kong. Gaining recognition for his sketches of the city, his work is now being showcased at Cawah Arts Gallery till April 20th.  

Bad Grandpa: Hong Kong Edition April 11th 2014: Think you had a long week? Clearly not as long as this guy! Don't worry dude, it happens to the best of us!  

Erasing the Invasion: Is There Room for Public Art in Hong Kong? March 24th 2014: As many of you may have noticed, our city was recently infiltrated by renowned French contemporary artist ‘Invader,’ famous for his mosaic graffiti pieces of the popular 1978 arcade game Space Invaders. If you didn’t get the chance to view the pieces in person however, you may have to make do with photographs.  

Photobombing Glory - The Art of Stealing The Show! March 26th 2014: If there's one glorified trend to come out of the current generation - it's photobombing! We do it, celebrities do it, and it always guarantees a good laugh.We reckon it now requires some actual talent to successfully photobomb a photo.  
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