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Shat In, Why?

By Localiiz 21 May 2014
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Star Gazing – Photographer Brings Out the Beauty of Hong Kong’s Night Sky May 21st 2014: We’re lucky to have an abundance of talented photographers in Hong Kong, but for reasons of light pollution and the ever-present smog, not many train their lenses any higher than the top of the ICC. Not so however for astronomy enthusiast and multi-media creator Mew Chu.  

Behind the Wheel: Video Documents the Night Time Adventures of a Hong Kong Taxi May 19th 2014: With more than 18,000 taxis serving our city, every Hong Konger will be familiar with the speedy red wagons that take us to and fro, day and night, drunk or sober. For most however, interest in the person behind the wheel, and indeed the taxi itself, evaporates as soon as we reach our destination.  

Hong Kong Then And Now May 14th 2014: Want to see what Hong Kong looked like more than 50 years ago? Thanks to flickr user HK Man's thorough Old HK photo stream, we're able to see side-by-side comparisons of the city now and then. Cheers for putting in the leg work so we don't have to Mr Man! Get ready for an epic Hong Kong throwback.  

Human Nature - Michael Wolf is Back at it Again with 'Hong Kong Flora' May 13th 2014: When we last checked in with prolific Hong Kong photographer Michael Wolf, we dove straight into exploring his project Hong Kong Trilogy, the first of his intended series of nine books on the city's vernacular culture. To coincide with the launch of this month's Chai Wan Mei Festival, Wolf has released the latest offering, Hong Kong Flora.  

Forget First World Problems - Take a Look at Hong Kong's Illegal Microapartments May 9th 2014: Our densely populated city is well known for its ridiculously high rents and its tiny homes. But do you really know how tiny they get? Stop saying that you don't have closet space! To open your eyes, the Society for Community Organization (SoCO) have produced these photographs highlighting life in HK's microapartments.  

Hong Kong Illustrated - Little Someone Commemorates Hong Kong with Adorable Doodles May 12th 2014: Local Hong Kong artist Syrus Kwan has created an adorable and unique way to treasure the lives of him and his friends in Hong Kong with a delightful illustration series.  
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