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Restaurant Review: Bistro Du Vin

By Contributed content 24 September 2015
Fancy a taste of France without forking out a fortune? Our resident food blogger Christy Ma (aka lolleroll) reckons she's found just the perfect spot at Bistro du Vin in Kennedy Town. Bon appétit! I love French food for the food, but not so much the fact that it’s so often served as fine dining. Apart from the insufficient portions and extortionate prices, the uncomfortable formality is among the biggest reasons I avoid such places. For that reason, La Grande Bouffe and La Port Parfume are excellent lunch spots. But Bistro du Vin is still the casual French restaurant that impresses me most and countless people agree with me. In fact, I went there the other night and they were fully booked!
image Escargots on Bone Marrow - $200 *must order* I’ve probably had bone marrow five times in my life and I almost swore that I would not make the mistake for the sixth time. But I still wanted to try it this time and I'm glad I did because it was amazing. The taste is a lot more ‘pure’ and easy on the buds than any of the other stinky versions I’ve tried in the past, to be a little hyperbolic. The escargots were delicious as usual – it’s hard to go wrong with this one.
image Cheese Onion Soup - $90 *must order* Best onion soup ever. They proudly make it with an overloading amount of cheesiness, while the soup is full of flavour and not too oily either. This is the number one dish I would recommend you to order, no doubt.
image Slow Cooked Beef Cheek - $280 I wasn't too optimistic about this one as I’m not a huge fan of beef cheek. I usually like my beef as rib eye or T-bone, but this was clearly executed extremely well. The meat was super soft and tender to the point that it was easily ‘cut’ or separated by spoon.
image Rum Souffle - $90 We went with the bistro's recommendation for dessert. The texture was amazing. It’s a must order if you like the taste of rum because the rum flavour is quite intense. I’d personally prefer it without rum, but I still scraped the pot clean that night!
Great Food, Service and Ambience The food quality here was impressive. I loved every single dish I ordered with the Escargots on Bone Marrow and Cheese Onion Soup being my favourites. Countless people have either recommended this restaurant to me or agreed with me that it's great! It’s not fine dining (though not cheap dining either) and has a more bustling ambience, which makes it perfect for catching up or going in a medium-sized group. We spent about $600 each with wine and the one dessert, which is not cheap at all, but the taste of food is worth it. Bistro du Vin is located on 1 Davis Street, Kennedy Town. Be sure to make reservations as they are usually packed.
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