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Forget About No Pants Sunday, It’s Time For No Pants Subway 2014!

By Stasia Fong 9 January 2014
  Everybody loves lounging around at home in their undies; it’s the ultimate behind-closed-doors comfort. But what about the prospect of no pants in public? If that’s your idea of heaven, your wish has been granted! On January 12th, unsuspecting MTR riders will be in for a surprise as No Pants Subway - from New York’s infamous pranksters Improv Everywhere - prepares to drops its drawers in Hong Kong. The concept is simple: ride the MTR with no pants on (that’s trousers, not underwear, British people - that could have been awkward!) and act like it’s no big deal. Participants must be willing to take off their pants mid-ride and, most importantly, be able to keep a straight face while doing so. Seems pretty straightforward, but the challenge in Hong Kong will be successfully removing your bottoms on a jam-packed train. It could have its benefits however; if people move away from you after just a little sneeze, imagine how much personal space you’d acquire with no pants on! Here’s a pretty entertaining video from last year’s event in New York: Do you dare face judging eyes of the ‘po pos’ and the rest of the Hong Kong prudes? Arm yourself with your Octopus card, a bag for your jettisoned pants and your best poker face, and get ready to make people uncomfortable!

What: The 13th Annual No Pants Subway Ride Where: Meeting point is outside RED Bar + Restaurant (4/F Podium of IFC Small) When: January 12th 2014, 3:30pm Info & RSVP: On the Facebook event here

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Born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong, Stasia Fong is a freelance writer with dreams of breaking into the television industry and executive produce her own television show.