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Espresso Alchemy - Fancy a Steak With Your Coffee?

By Sophie Pettit 22 June 2015
If you're anything like me, you love nothing more than a good steak and quality cup of coffee, but in Hong Kong these can be pretty hard to find without forking out a fortune. It seems that Aussie born World Barista Championship judge Ambrose Peter Law couldn't agree more, so much so that he decided to open a new cafe, Espresso Alchemy, for caffeine nuts with big appetites. Tucked away in WK Square, an underground mall on Nathan Road (beside Chungking Msn), this rustic little cafe is probably the last place you would expect to find the juiciest Australian Sirloin Steak (at a very reasonable $118, with choice of potatoes and a gravy sauce) and the frothiest cup of deliciously rich tasting coffee (starting at $35) you've ever tasted in Hong Kong. But it's all there, on a 6 page food and drink menu that will get you drooling like Homer Simpson. I'm sure he'd love their sticky Valrhona Brownie! Espresso Alchemy is all about great food and coffee, and Ambrose sees no reason why you shouldn't get the whole package when you hit the cafe. That's why he's dedicated the past three years to opening three outlets across Hong Kong, not only to provide shopaholics and busy workers with a tasty shot of energy throughout their busy day, but also a place to take time out from the hustle and bustle of it all, to sit and savour every sip of coffee. The drinks menu is bursting with options, from Espressos to Flat White, Piccolo lattes to Americanos, but you also get to choose your own coffee bean, cherry-picked worldwide and freshly roasted in Hong Kong, select your own brew method, or scrap coffee altogether and indulge in the unusual and addictive Honey Earl Gret Latte ($42). It really is a caffeine nut's dream, but then again, Ambrose is one of the few, if not the only, Q-grade roaster in Hong Kong. The food menus are equally as packed with goodies mostly under $100. The Snacks & Small Bites offers Crispy Honey Chicken Wings ($45) and Home Fried ($40), while the All Day Set boasts Crab Spaghetti in Garlic Cream Sauce ($88), Beef Lasagne with Bechamel Sauce ($95) and of course, the best steak ever. Just make sure you leave enough room for that brownie! The new store is open 10.30am to 10.00pm, 7 days a week. Click here to find your nearest Espresso Alchemy. [masterslider id="120"]

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Sophie Pettit


Sophie is always on the lookout for a great story and her next big adventure and loves nothing more than discovering the city’s hidden gems—and most delicious cocktails. When she’s not exploring new places, she’s off travelling and ticking countries off her bucket list.