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Drone Racing Around Hong Kong's Wilderness

By Localiiz 18 April 2015
Some of the best drone videos we've seen lately were filmed just a few feet above the ground, away from skyscrapers and rooftoppers. It's all part of a growing trend to race drones or perfect stunt skills, exhibited by flips and rolls. Whether you've seen videos of them flying through parking garages one at a time or in groups, the result is usually the same – fast paced action, a few bumps and scrapes, and fantastic camera angles capturing the speed of the races. This video, posted by Team BlackSheep who flew a drone through Hong Kong's New Year's fireworks display and all over our city last year, shows a different sort of racing, taking on the tree lined landscape of Tuen Mun. A few drones were used during this shoot according to Team BlackSheep, who noted at least one drone struck a tree. "Yeah that one broke a frame. It was the only crash that broke a frame, though. I lost one Gemini [drone] because I crashed on the road and a car drove over it. Other than that, just a couple of props and some plastic fasteners (they're made to be replaceable on the field)." What do you think? Do you prefer the fast and furious racing drones of the high flying videos? Watch the video and let us know in the comments section below.

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