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Drone Captures Climbers Scaling Lion Rock

By Brian Adams 19 January 2015
Lion Rock is once again the center of attention online, but this time there's not a banner in sight. A stunning video showing climbers scaling the face of the famous formation is starting to rack up some views on YouTube. Shot using a TBS Discovery Pro, the video marks the progress of the climbers, at times looking for handholds on sheer rock faces and at other times holding on with one hand and waving with the other. Give this video two minutes and you'll either have sweaty palms or be inspired for your next ascent.   The videographer, who wishes to remain anonymous, is an experienced canyoner along with the climbers. The mystery drone operator tells Localiiz that they launched the quadcopter from Lion Rock park in Lok Fu, around 900 meters away and it took a total of six flights to get the shots in the video. The climbers started hiking up Lion Rock at 10am and reached the base of the climb 40 minutes later. They scaled five pitches over the course of three hours to reach the top. After a break to enjoy the view, they abseiled back down. Among the climbers are Dorothy Law (waving while holding on with one hand), Gordon Hon (one of Hong Kong's few canyoning guides according to the videographer), and Kim Yu (purple helmet).

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