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Don’t Burn Out – Excel in all Areas with Work Life Balance Week

By priyanka_boghani 26 September 2013
  In a bustling city like Hong Kong, where the rat race moves faster than your own heartbeat, it’s easy to get sucked into the working world and neglect the need for downtime. In an attempt to raise awareness about the importance of excelling in all areas of life, Hong Kong-based non-profit organisation Community Business brings us the city’s sixth Work Life Balance Week , running this year from October 21st to 25th. The week gives organisations the chance to demonstrate their commitment to the all-round health of their employees while raising awareness about work-life balance all over the globe. Hong Kong companies wishing to get involved can simply register with Community Business and identify a new initiative for Work Life Balance Week. It could be something as simple as sitting down with colleagues and discussing the importance of work-life balance, finishing early on Fridays or setting up an in-house wellness programme. To give Hong Kongers a taste of the campaign, corporate wellness consultants and Work Life Balance Week advocates Inspire2Aspire are holding a Work Life Balance Community Awareness Day on September 29th. “It’s a highly competitive and stressful environment in Hong Kong,” said Veena Dansinghani, Inspire2Aspire cofounder. “People are getting burnt out, and instead of being productive with their free time, they’re sitting in front of a TV or heading to the bar to relax. All this is doing is killing their brain cells.” The Work Life Balance Community Awareness Day will comprise of various fun workshops that will teach the public about holistic wellbeing techniques. Health, happiness and self-healing will be promoted via emotional empowerment techniques, yoga classes, laughter psychology and more.

“We encourage everyone to let go, have fun, dance, smile and laugh, and they’ll see the effects of their positivity in their life,” said Inspire2Aspire fellow cofounder Mahesh Pamnani. “Ultimately, achieving balance in your life affects your performance at work; it affects the bottom line,” added Veena. “If you’re able to unlock that happiness within, you, your family and your boss will all reap the benefits.”

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