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Do it Your Way: An Insider Guide to the Best Hong Kong Detoxes for All

By Localiiz 16 April 2014
April 16th 2014 With a particularly messy March consisting of beer guzzling at Beertopia and…err…more beer guzzling at the Sevens, no doubt your body could do with a bit of care and attention, both inside and out. We’ve allowed you a couple of recovery weeks, but with junk season almost upon us, it’s time to bite the bullet, stop living like a student and get back on the treadmill of healthy living. But that doesn’t have to mean nothing but quinoa and cranberry juice from now until Christmas, as we’ve compiled a list of the Best Hong Kong Detoxes (of varying intensities) to help you head into summer with a spring in your step. Perfect 10 In perfect timing, Localiiz favourite Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) will launch a new cycle of their 10-Day Clinical Detox for the Body and Mind on May 14th. Built with busy Hong Kongers in mind, this detox programme promises to help jumpstart your healthy lifestyle, revitalise your body and optimise your mental functions. Although the orientation will be held on May 14th, you can begin the detox at any time you wish. The programme costs HK$3,800, which includes all supplements, products, two workshops and a 30-minute consultation with in-house naturopath Tej BG. Be sure to register in person or by calling (+852) 2523-7121 before May 8th for a HK$150 early-bird discount. Go Green If you’ve not yet heard about the detox powers of wheatgrass, it’s time to start paying attention. This unassuming green stuff contains more than 80 highly active live enzymes that encourage digestion, enhance overall health and help clear the body of harmful substances. Whether you want to start cultivating your own window ledge garden or do it the easy way with ready-made frozen shots, we recommend looking up Green Vitamin, which sells all the equipment need for an introduction to wheatgrass. These super-food fiends also create a wide variety of organic, healthy and delicious treats you can nibble on without the slightest bit of guilt. The Localiiz team is unashamed to admit we finished both their kale chips and flax seed crackers within minutes! Read Green Queen’s review to find out more, or buy their products online or at these Hong Kong locations. Go Hard Forever Living’s Clean 9 is a pretty intense nine-day plan, but the results are said to be worth it, with promised weight loss of 7-14lbs. The cleanse is in two parts, with just aloe vera gel, garcinia, bee pollen supplements and a single multi-vitamin shake consumed on the first two days, followed by six days of the same regime with one added shake and a 600-calorie meal per day. Clean 9 will clear the body of harmful toxins, help you achieve your ideal weight and leave you feeling anything but hungry. And if you become a strong advocate after your cleanse you can sign your friends up and get paid as a distributor! Call (+852) 9180-9308 or email [email protected] for more information. Eat Yourself Thin Eat Right provides two excellent options for the typical busy Hong Konger looking to achieve a healthier diet without the hassle. All food at their Staunton Street restaurant is healthy, organic, MSG free, and approved by the in-house nutritional expert. This also goes for the newly launched and super convenient Food Programme, whereby a healthy and delicious menu will be tailor made for you, based on factors such as body analysis, lifestyle, personal taste and dietary requirements. And best of all, it’ll be delivered to your door twice a day! Enough said? Call (+852) 6197-5820 or email [email protected]. Juice It Get with the hype, its time to get juiced! Head over to Be-Juiced for a delicious detoxifying experience. Rid yourself of the nasties, rejuvenate your body and enjoy more energy with a programme inspired by the pressed juice diet craze in the US. Be-Juiced offers three different cleanses, catering to everyone from detox virgins to those unstoppable expert juicers. The Level 1 juice cleanse is perfect for beginners, and if you make it all the way to Level 3 you’ll be a pro at fuelling your body with less sugars, more veggies and, best of all, fewer toxins. Various plans are available, ranging from one-day cleanses priced at HK$600, to three-day cleanses at HK$1,580 and a six-day cleanses at HK$3,160. Multiple Choice Hypno guru Deborah Dewey has a long list of detox plans to choose from, differing in both length and intensity. They range from the 28-day Gentle Habit Maker to the 2-day Deep Cleanse, with the ultimate aim being to achieve a healthier lifestyle for the long term. All programmes will introduce a mixture of shakes, healthy snacks and complex carbohydrates into your diet, serving as a welcome reminder that detoxing is not always about fasting.

Deborah’s cleanse process will help clean your liver, which leads to a faster metabolism and healthy thyroid function that will send your energy levels soaring. Contact Deborah for a free consultation and find the detox plan that best suits you.

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