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Choose the Booze Wisely and Avoid Christmas Party Meltdowns

By Localiiz 11 December 2013
December 10th 2013 courtesy of our friends at NecesCity Have you been short-sighted and over-excited enough to volunteer to host Christmas at yours this year? If so there’s little hope, as guests are never harder to please then at Christmas. For some the mere smell of sprouts will ruin their appetite, while for others dinner isn’t complete without them. Unfortunately your friends are likely to be just as picky when it comes to drinks, making lining up a decent selection of poisons of optimum importance. Here with a tip on an easy way out are those sneaky boys from NecesCity. It’s finally upon us - the so-called silly season - and that doesn’t just apply to the media. It's a fun, exhausting and – let’s be honest – expensive time of year when we find multiple reasons to celebrate. Social Hong Kongers are seeing their calendars fill up with raucous company Christmas parties, more raucous (and infinitely more fun) holiday parties with friends, and perhaps, if they can rouse themselves the morning after, stints of frantic shopping to check off their naughty or nice list. In the midst of all this mayhem, the brave among us will also throw open our doors to friends and family and host a holiday party of our own, and we all know the easiest way to be crowned the host with the most is to keep the food and drink flowing freely. We haven’t got too many cooking tips for you - best play it safe and order in - but when it comes to liquid sustenance, Wine Rack Hong Kong is a lifesaver for the undoubtedly frazzled party host. The online retailer offers quality wines, beers, spirits and ciders at great value, as well as a selection of non-alcoholic options, sure to make you look super considerate for keeping everyone’s best interests at heart. The one-stop-shop offers free Hong Kong delivery for any combination of six bottles, and there are even pre-mixed cases for the indecisive. There are reds, whites (and the pink type) from Australia, New Zealand, Chile, France, Italy, Spain and the US, meaning wine snobs of all variety will be well and truly merry. For those wanting to offer guests a little something different, there’s also Henney’s Dry Cider - a refreshing English classic that makes for a great compromise for those annoying guests who don’t drink beer or wine. One less reason to stress this holiday season! Subscribe to the savvy and sophisticated world of NecesCity.

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