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Bus Stop… and Pose? Meet HK’s Hottest Celebrities - Double Decker Buses

By Stasia Fong 7 January 2014
It seems you really can find a fan club for just about anything in Hong Kong. While waiting for a bus maybe a mundane task for most, there are others who base their very existence around it, dicing with death as they dash into dangerous roads to get that perfect shot of their favourite double-decker. For the members of Bus Fan World, catching a bus is about way more than getting from A to B. Established in May of 1992, Bus Fan World is a registered non-profit organisation aimed at bringing together Hong Kong’s surprisingly plentiful bus fans. With more than 800 members, the organisation provides various bus-related activities such as trips, talks, bus depot tours and lunch or dinner gatherings for fans. They also publish Bus Focus, Hong Kong’s first magazine for Chinese readers looking to gain valuable insights into latest routes, news and other bus-related information that few else care to follow. Many members know the routes by heart and wait in in specific positions to get that perfect picture for their scrapbook. Avid bus fan Dennis Law told the Wall Street Journal this week that he likes to snap the busses as they turn in front of Kowloon’s Space Museum. He also believes busses look best from photographed from a 45° angle. Talk about a whole new type of paparazzi!

We guess if you’re a big enough fan of anything it’s worth putting your life at risk for a great photo of it… even if it is just a bus to the rest of the world.

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Born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong, Stasia Fong is a freelance writer with dreams of breaking into the television industry and executive produce her own television show.