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Breathe Easy with Free Introductory Buteyko Seminars

By Localiiz 20 May 2013
May 20th 2013
  We all do it without thinking every second of every day, but did you know that your breathing pattern could be damaging your health? Buteyko Asia in Wan Chai is running a series of free seminars this week aimed at showing Hong Kongers how to increase their physical and mental health through better breathing techniques. Those interested can then sign up for the five days of workshops - held between May 31st and June 15th in Central or June 4th to June 14th in Wan Chai - to learn how to employ and benefit from the Buteyko method. The Buteyko method takes its name from Ukrainian doctor Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko, who first introduced the system in the 1950s. The technique is based on the idea that numerous medical conditions are caused by chronically increased respiratory rate, otherwise known as hyperventilation. In a nutshell, students are taught repetitive exercises that focus on reduced-breathing, nasal-breathing, breath-holding and relaxation. “Living in contemporary cities will virtually ensure that your breathing will be somewhat dysfunctional, and the consequences of this will vary considerably from person to person, depending on a whole range of circumstances. Fortunately, a solution is coming back to town,” said senior Buteyko practitioner Jac Vidgen, who has helped hundreds of Hong Kongers overcome health complaints over the past 15 years. The Buteyko method is said to provide a fast, safe and effective way of optimising oxygenation to every cell, taking the body from a state of defence and merely existing to truly living and thriving. The technique claims to provide significant results for a range of health concerns, including: *asthma and allergies *panic attacks and anxiety disorders *snoring, apnea and other sleep disorders *immune and hormone imbalances *fatigue and CFS/ME Localiiz’s own Login Lee recently attended a week of free seminars at Buteyko Asia in a bid to cure the chronic asthma he has suffered with his whole life. He explained, “The theory is that you breathe out less so your body retains more carbon dioxide, which is good for the body tissues and muscles. It's easy to learn but you need to practice two or three times a day before you can adopt the technique full time. “Before I tried this method I was using my inhaler once or twice a day, but just three days after the seminar I found I could get rid of the inhaler all together and I hardly needed it for the whole month. The results were quite significant.”

For more information and a schedule of events, visit or, call 9378 5185, or email via the Buteyko Asia Localiiz page <br.

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