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Beyond the Skyscrapers

By Contributed content 23 January 2015

I had no background in photography before I went to Hong Kong. However, I was already working in the industry of multimedia, doing motion graphics, design and working for television in my home country, the Netherlands. I decided to do something completely different and stopped working for a while to do an MSc in Multimedia & Entertainment Technology at the Polytechnic University in Hong Kong.

The city basically drew me into photography, that is a big hobby today. It is so vibrant, the extreme buildings, old and new, the nature around it, the people, the neon lights, just everything! During that time I only brought my Panasonic GH2 with 12-42mm kit lens and 50mm F1.2 Nikon AIS (with adapter, manual focusing), so I used this basic gear for my photos. I mainly hope to show that Hong Kong is not only urban. Many people whom I speak to think Hong Kong is just skyscrapers and not much else. People have no idea that the landscapes in and around Hong Kong are extremely beautiful. There are also so many hiking places people have no idea about. My favourite thing about Hong Kong is probably the extremely chaotic vibe versus the completely relaxed vibe in the hills around it. Where could one find such contrast? Take the MTR for 30 minutes from the completely chaotic Mongkok or Central and you’re in Lantau Island or Sai Kung, extremely beautiful places for hiking and taking nature photos. After having lived there for over a year I still didn’t see everything.   [masterslider id=24]   I like all kinds of photography, from street to landscapes to architecture and art. I like to capture cityscapes as well as landscapes or a combination of it. That’s actually the beauty of Hong Kong. One can capture a beautiful landscape, with the city somewhere placed in between. The buildings are kind of a part of the whole landscape. Or you can just wander on the streets for hours and look for interesting people and events. There are a lot! While a lot of people use street photography in black and white to centre out the people, black and white can also be used when there is smog in the air to bring some kind of new atmosphere to the photo. The smog basically gives your photos so many different tints of grey that it becomes very interesting. Night scenes are usually great in color, especially with all the neon lights everywhere. Hong Kong’s whole feeling is just amazing. You can check out more of my work on my website and Facebook page.

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