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Guide To The Best Hong Kong Fitness Classes

By Localiiz 19 April 2013
April 19th 2013
  Health and fitness are important, especially when living in a busy city such as Hong Kong. But with hectic lifestyles come scheduling constraints, and most people barely find time to fit a workout into their busy lives. We believe the trick to staying in shape in the city is to find something you really love doing. In this guide to the best Hong Kong fitness classes, compiled in collaborating with Kwiksure, we show you how to keep fit the fun way! Isofit Isofit, a studio on Wyndham Street, Central, incorporates Pilates into fitness training with the use of stretching equipment. The gear, which has been developed to improve effectiveness, includes a trapeze table, a wonder chair and barrels. There are also various training options, such as physiotherapy rehabilitation sessions with Pilates equipment and a fully qualified physiotherapist. Assessment sessions are required before training begins to ensure the equipment is used properly and to help customers get the most out of future sessions. Optimum Performance Studio Studio 2 of the Optimum Performance brand is another great place to practice Pilates in Central. The Stanley Street centre boasts tonnes of world-class equipment and some of the best Personal Trainers in the city. Classes can be taken in groups, couples or on a one-to-one basis. You can even train as a Balanced Body Instructor or take rehabilitation and corrective classes if you’ve suffered an injury. Yoga For Life If you have trouble getting out of the house or away from the office, Yoga For Life has the Hong Kong fitness programme for you. A fully-qualified teacher will bring a tailored-made package directly to your door, whether on a one-one-one basis or in corporate group sessions. All classes incorporate a mixture of Asanas (physical practice), Pranayama (breathing techniques and awareness) and Meditation (relaxation). Yoga For Life also offers Yoga Retreats throughout the year for those looking to stay in shape while escaping the city. Primal Strength If you’re looking to work hard for quick results, take Primal Strength's 12 Week Transformation Group Programme, aimed at enhancing strength, tone and athletic performance. Primal Strength offers an intelligent, inspiring approach to fitness, operating from a 4000sqf state-of-the-art training facility on the South Side of HK Island. Their trainers are amongst the highest qualified professionals in the region, and the gym invests heavily in personnel development and education, helping their clients stay at the top of their game. Coastal Fitness Limited To lose weight and build lean muscle, take the SMAC group classes at Coastal Fitness. The North Point gym and personal training centre uses a holistic approach to health under the theory that true fitness comes from the ability to perform any task exceptionally well. The Coastal Fitness programmes, which also include one-on-one personal training and CrossFit sessions, are designed to challenge, test and improve all areas of fitness. Bikini Fit Bikini Fit offers an awesome 10-week boot camp-style fitness programme especially for women, consisting of various classes that run from Monday to Saturday. Ladies who sign up are expected to attend every day in order to get the best results, so this isn’t one for the half-hearted. Classes are held in Hong Kong Park during the weekdays and elsewhere on the island on Saturdays. The programme is run by fitness expert Alexander De Fina, who wanted to provide a comfortable space for women to train and work toward their fitness goals. The classes incorporate a wide range of training options, including kettlebells, running, boxing, yoga and more in order to provide variation and ensure the whole body receives a thorough workout. Rock Fitness Limited A multi-purpose fitness company founded by Hong Kong Rugby International Peter McKee, Happy Valley's Rock Fitness comprises of a team of high calibre trainers and international athletes dedicated to helping clients reach their optimum fitness level. Rock provides everything from personal training to yoga, Strongman sessions and outdoor workouts. Gecko Yoga If you feel fitness should be a focus for the whole family, head down to Gecko Yoga on Arbuthnot Road. The centre offers the only internationally-accredited Children’s Yoga Teacher Training in Hong Kong, running classes for pregnant women, babies, toddlers and teenagers. The 60-minute sessions raise energy levels, increase muscle tone and reduce anxiety, no matter how young you are. Elite Personal Training For those tired of working out in a packed gym, Elite Personal Training boasts a beautifully spacious gym in Wong Chuck Hang, along with a series of outdoor boot camp locations. The centre’s unique CHEK (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) programme assesses posture, lifestyle, physical abilities and goals to match clients with a customised workout strategy. Their fun PaddleFAST Strength Programme is a particularly good way to work out in the great outdoors. RAW Personal Training Studio RAW Personal Training Studio provides a team of highly experienced, certified personal trainers and a studio equipped with some of the latest and most effective training tools and machines in the business. As well as a BioSignature Modulation system, which provides a detailed way to track and measure your progress through body fat measurements, the centre also offers Strongman Sessions, a programme that promotes unparalleled levels of functional strength through a tough but rewarding workout. Power Fit Studio Power Fit Studio is a boutique gym in heart of Causeway Bay offering health and fitness training to individuals and small groups. The team provides a wide range of health, wellness and sports training programmes that utilise the mighty Power Plate – a piece of equipment that enhances overall physical performance – and TRX Equipment, which builds full body strength, balance, flexibility and core muscles.

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