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Colour Your World With The Best Of Hong Kong’s Art Scene

By Localiiz 25 April 2013
  From countless international galleries and Asian galleries to art classes, art stores creative workshops, our city is awash with art at its beating heart. A truly global metropolis, Hong Kong boasts a broad creative community, not only keen to drink in the local and international art scene but also with an eager appetite to create their own masterpieces. In this Guide to the Best Bits of the Hong Kong Art Scene, we take you on a whirlwind tour of our favourite creative coves in our colourful city. Opera Gallery A beacon amongst the bedlam of Wellington Street is the crisp and clean haven of The Opera Gallery. After a long lunch in Central, why not take in the wealth of modern and contemporary American, European and Asian art on display, from Picasso, Matisse and Miro to masters of the modern scene. For even more Opera Gallery action, be sure to also check out their huge exhibition space on Wyndham Street Rouge Ephemere For a break from the norm, stay in Central and swing past Rouge Ephemere on Hollywood Road. Rather than competing with Hong Kong’s biggest art galleries by displaying popular prints, this tiny space hidden away in an old Chinese building is packed with weird, wonderful and unique offerings ranging in form from ceramic sculpture to metal work, engravings and paper collages. This relaxed cocoon of creativity and history also joins with The Dragon Year Gallery to exhibit the work of young Chinese artists each month. Picture Finders For photography with a twist, head to Discovery Bay and unearth the ground-breaking talents of Australia identical twin photographers Dallas and John Heaton. The inseparable pair have travelled across the world over a 30 year period, snapping images of stunning destinations and cultures. The huge Heaton collection, some of which have appeared in National Geographic, are now being turned into unique pieces of art in the Picture Finders Hong Kong studio. Hong Kong Art Tutoring If you’re serious about honing your own artistic talents, North Point’s Hong Kong Art Tutoring is the place to go. With over 17 years of experience, head art teacher Gail will show you all you need to know about developing both the aesthetic and conceptual sides of your work. The light and airy studio, complete with a stylish outdoor patio, runs courses in drawing, painting, print making and sculpture for all ages. Specialist sessions include wine and art evenings for adults, school holiday workshops for kids and programmes dedicated to those working towards academic art qualifications. Artful Kids If you’re of the school of thought that art should be messy and unstructured and children should be allowed to be children, send the nippers for a session at Artful Kids. Based in the same lovely studio as Hong Kong Art Turtoring, this fun organisation prides itself on its ‘unstructured play’ programmes that allow children to make their own decisions about what and how to create. Along with the experimental Creative Scientist classes and Art, Sand and Water sessions, Artful Kids also offers arty parties, teenage classes and groups for grown-ups. Fabric Art

If you fancy hosting an arty party, Fabric Art has it all sown up! The Mid Levels-based business can add a splash of colour to any occasion with its barrage of fun crafty activities. Your guests can design their own T-shirts, bags and scarves, or fashion exclusive one-off gifts such as photo frames and wall hangings. The studio also runs in-house workshops for adults and kids throughout the year.

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