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Ask the Expert: Straight Talk on Getting Fit

By brian_adams 17 September 2014

Image ©Mike Pickles / illume visuals

In our latest installment of Ask the Expert, we speak with Alix James, Co-owner of CrossFit Asphodel, to find out how to get the body we always wanted.</ em>

LOCALIIZ: How has fitness training changed over the past few years? JAMES: Fitness training goes round in cycles; fads go in and out. Lifting weights and learning to move correctly and skillfully with your bodyweight will always work and people will always resort to that if they are to get good, lasting results.   LOCALIIZ: What fundamental fitness goal do people frequently neglect? JAMES: People frequently neglect what they aren’t good at. If you are weak, you unlikely do strength work. If you are immobile, you unlikely work mobility and flexibility. If you are unfit, you likely never push towards your limits. Get good at what you aren't good at!   LOCALIIZ: How do you stay fit? JAMES: Staying fit is easier than getting fit. Start the habit and it’s easy to maintain. I have been much fitter [and] happy where I am at the moment. I spend four hours a week training.   LOCALIIZ: What is the number one rule to getting fit? JAMES: Be consistent and you will get good at whatever you are doing.   LOCALIIZ: What about nutrition? Any tips? JAMES: Nutrition is simple. People overcomplicate it. Consistency with the right method works wonders. Eat to support your lifestyle. Not one food makes you fat and not one good food makes you lean.   Got anything cool you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!

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