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Ask the Expert: Choosing the Right Ring

By brian_adams 26 November 2014

In our latest installment of Ask the Expert, we speak with David Nazer, Managing Director and Bespoke Jewellery Specialist at Haywards of Hong Kong, to find out how to select the perfect ring for your bride-to-be.

LOCALIIZ: First things first. If you like it, should you put a ring on it? NAZER: The short answer is obviously...yes! When you know you're with the right woman and want to spend the rest of your life with her, then there is no better symbol of that commitment than a beautiful ring. LOCALIIZ: Seriously though, why is buying jewellery so intimidating to many men? NAZER: Most men will have had limited involvement in buying jewellery before deciding to buy an engagement ring. This is because jewellery is in the sphere of mostly female orientated products such as cosmetics, bags, and shoes. For most men this is an alien world of products, and they are typically oblivious to their girlfriend's preferences for styles and trends. Just ask any man what brand of lipstick his girlfriend wears and you'll usually see a baffled face in response. At Haywards, we explain how the world of diamonds works and assist in determining what kind of style is likely to be perfect for their fiancé-to-be. The good news for guys: engagement rings tend to adhere to quite classic designs, and trends change very slowly. LOCALIIZ: What are classic mistakes a guy makes when buying jewellery for his lady? NAZER: The focus of every decision needs to be on what the lady will like most. Guys can start going 'off piste' when they start allowing their own preferences to dictate their choice of ring or stone. It is a very personal gift and we encourage guys to be involved in all aspects of choosing the diamond and the ring style, but in the context of what they think their girlfriend will most appreciate. It is easy for a guy to focus on the stats and grades on a diamond certificate which are of course important, but any decision on a stone should really come down to how it actually looks, that is, how she is going to appreciate it every time she looks down at her finger. LOCALIIZ: So, what’s the most unique way a client secretly found out his significant other’s ring size? NAZER: This is a very tricky thing to get right; one of our clients tried tying string around his girlfriend's finger while she slept, without success. We usually recommend bringing in a ring that she wears on her other hand. Our bespoke designers are actually pretty good at gauging a girl's ring size just by looking at her hands, so if possible, a discrete introduction and handshake is always good. LOCALIIZ: What are the essential pieces of jewellery for any man? NAZER: Most men tend not to wear rings other than their wedding ring and possibly a family signet ring. Cuff links are the piece of jewellery with which men can have a little bit of sophisticated fun and a way to add some personality to their overall look. At Haywards we've had quite a few very specific and interesting cuff link design projects that were tailored specifically to the client.

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