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Artists of Occupy Central: Mr. Men and Little Miss, the Hong Kong Version

By Stasia Fong 29 October 2014
  A local advertising designer has taken a children's classic and possibly created one of Facebook's cutest political pages yet. Inspired by Roger Hargreaves's Mr. Men and Little Miss books, Maxwell Ip, created his own version, ‘Mr & Little Miss HK People', focusing on the city's ongoing political struggles and introducing such characters as Little Miss Lam Cheng and Mr. 689. Inspired by the Occupy Central demonstrations, Ip created his ‘Mr. & Little Miss HK People’ series to educate children about the recent political climate. “It was a sudden idea," Ip said. "Children should know more about what’s happening outside, and why the people are fighting for their future. Parents need some materials to tell the story." Ip did not grow up a fan of Hargreaves's books, but did enjoy their personal focus after stumbling upon them in a bookstore. “Each book is a story about one character, and I believe that it’s a great form for me to represent my ideas.”   Click through to see some of the series!
Next   He then created a cast of adorable characters poking fun at Hong Kong's government officials. The result has been an online hit, garnering more than 60,000 likes on Facebook since the page launched on October 19th. Ip has been floored by the acceptance of his art. “The reaction was totally out of my expectation. People love the characters. Even though they don’t like the government people, people still tell me that they feel love in my artwork. Some people even ask me why I’ve made them so lovely.” A local Hong Konger, Ip thinks he may know why his star is rising online. “Maybe people just need to take a breath. I guess the protestors are just really tired, and through my work, I’m giving them positive energy to make them smile.” Be sure enjoy the rest of the Mr. and Little Miss HK series on its Facebook page. This is the first installment of our 'Artists of Occupy Central' series. Look for more articles coming soon.  

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Born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong, Stasia Fong is a freelance writer with dreams of breaking into the television industry and executive produce her own television show.