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An 18-Year-Old’s Video Explores Hong Kong’s 18 Districts in 18 Days

By Localiiz 7 February 2014
February 7th 2014 Anyone who’s lived in Hong Kong for more than a couple of months will be well aware of what a small world we inhabit. While the downside of this is that we’re constantly bumping into the people we’re trying to avoid, the upside is the ease with which all corners of the territory can be accessed. But despite this, can you honestly say you’ve truly explored Hong Kong? One local who can now make that claim with conviction is 18-year-old Matt Kwan.   With two months to fill last summer between leaving high school and starting university, Matt set himself a mission: to visit all of Hong Kong’s 18 districts in just 18 days. In his own words, “Because as awfully small as Hong Kong is, the truth is the majority of us hardly know the place that we call home.” Want to make your own Hong Kong scrapbook? Click here to brush up on your photography skills. From bagel munching in the Eastern District to back flipping on a South Side beach, learning that a giant duck can make you happy in Yau Tsim Mong and getting rejected by a stray dog in Kowloon City, Matt’s journey certainly illustrates the diversity of Hong Kong’s many districts. Matt ends the video with the simple assertion: “At least now, when people ask me where I’m from, I’ll be able to say with a bit more poise and confidence, that I’m from Hong Kong.” Can you do the same?

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