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A Sketch in Time: See Kong Kai Ming’s Ultra Realistic Sketches of Old Hong Kong

By Localiiz 15 April 2014
April 15th 2014 Here at Localiiz we’re used to seeing amazing photographs of our beloved Hong Kong, but near-photographic quality sketches do not come our way so often. Imagine our joy therefore when an exhibition of the pencil drawings of 82-year-old Bronze Bauhinia Star winner Kong Kai Ming opened right around the corner from our office. The artist, who was born and educated in Hong Kong, gained widespread recognition for his sketches of the city, which through the years revealed the juxtaposition of old and new in the ever-changing changing cityscapes. ‘Old Hong Kong’, an exhibition featuring more than 80 pieces of Ming’s work from the past 60 years, all which reflect his sincere affection toward his home, is taking place at the Cawah Arts Gallery in Sheung Wan until April 20th. We’ve selected a few of his beautiful sketches to give you a smidge of nostalgia for old Hong Kong. Old Central Post Office

As quoted on Sino Art, Kong explains, “Though I am a painter not a historian, I am capable of recording what I hear and see, because I grew up in this place. I can record the air that I take in, the establishments that I, too, have participated in and enjoyed. Since I am a painter, I can use my feeling and the brush to paint all these images in a more concrete way. All these paintings are from life, and they [are] the best historical witnesses.”

What: Kong Kai Ming “Old Hong Kong” Exhibition Where: Cawah Arts Gallery, 23 Square Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (Near Man Wu Temple) When: Now till April 20th RSVP: FREE! For enquiries, contact Calvin Li at [email protected] or call 2803-2669

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