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A Record Setting Easter?

By Localiiz 2 April 2015
The holder of two Guiness World Records is hoping to add a third to his collection this Easter. Brian Cha has assembled a team to attempt 30,000 basketball layups over 12 hours at Southorn Playground. Cha hopes to inspire fellow Hong Kongers to get fit and embrace sports with this record attempt. If you usually head down to the Wan Chai courts for a pick-up game you may want to reschedule and just watch the fun. There will be a total of 16 basketball lanes open from 9am-9pm for Cha and his teammates including actress Margaret Chung, Jo Soo-Tang (Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Foundation Chairperson), and star supporters Alex Fong, Janet Ma, Kadin Wong, Toby Leung, Vangie Tang, as well as members of the Nuts Basketball Team, EasternBasketball Team, and Eagle Basketball Team. Cha’s previous records inlcude "Most Golf Balls Driven Into a Target Area in 12 Hours" (over 800) and "The Most Electricity Generated By Pedalling on Bicycles In 24 Hours". His goal is to eventually become the only person in the world to break ten Guinness World Records in 10 different sports. Proceeds from this world record attempt will benefit the HKAHF BEYOND Children’s Special Needs Fund.

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