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Popcorn and Opinons: June 4

Here at Localiiz, we love to hear your two pennies’ worth, especially when it comes to the latest flicks to hit the big screen. So with our in-house film critic Howard Elias currently off enjoying an adventure in the US, we move the spotlight over to one of our biggest fans and movie buffs, Matthew Flintoff, who has plenty to say about this week’s epic disaster flick. Over to you Matt!

San Andreas

For a movie billed as a classic disaster flick, fans of the genre who seek nothing but cool visuals and ample footage of Alexandra Daddario’s equally ample cleavage will not be disappointed. Those wanting something more, however, will be left searching the rubble for anything resembling a plot.

San Andreas’ greatest strength is easily its cast. Dwayne Johnson clearly demonstrates his acting chops, no doubt contributing to making this his biggest box office success to date. Carla Gugino turns in a tough-as-nails performance as a mother out to save her family, while Paul Giamatti clearly enjoyed his role as a convincingly wistful maverick seismologist.

Despite this, San Andreas still manages to perpetuate some of the usual tropes that may turn off some viewers; from the “Asian sidekick” character played by Will Yun Lee (named Kim… sigh…), to the stereotypically wet-behind-the-ears English love interest (Hugo Johnstone-Burt).

So, a warning to readers: if this review contains any spelling errors, it’s because the writer’s eyes rolled so far back into his head he can no longer see.

Showing everywhere.

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