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Photo by Michael D. Kistler

Police Cracking Down on Jaywalkers

Our local police are in the middle of a one-week, territory-wide pedestrian road safety campaign (ending March 24) to reduce traffic accidents involving pedestrians, in particular senior citizens.

This campaigns means more tickets for jaywalkers. The police have said they will issue summons against pedestrians who have jaywalked or committed other serious traffic offences. Verbal warnings will be given to those who have committed minor traffic offences.

According to a police spokesman, the most common offences include disobeying light signals, crossing within 15 metres of a footbridge, pedestrian subway, or pedestrian crossing without using such facilities, and climbing over a kerbside fence or through a central reservation onto a carriageway.

Police figures showed that from January to February 2015, there were 591 pedestrian casualties and nine pedestrian fatalities. Among the deceased, seven were aged 60 or above.

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