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Poetry in ‘Motion’

Are we all just running on autopilot? This is the question that 18-year-old poet and filmmaker Russell Dela Bueno Balad asked when he set out with his Canon 600D to capture our bustling city in his thought-provoking video, Motion.
Russell Dela Bueno Balad

Contributed by: Russell Dela Bueno BaladI have lived in Hong Kong my whole life. My original aim of the video was to explore the contrast between natural motions and noises (like the ocean waves crashing), and that of a city scattered with shuffling pedestrians and automobiles.

I wrote the poem myself just after filming the video, also entitled Motions. I wanted us to remind ourselves of how we have become so mechanical. We only focus on going from point A to point B, never fully appreciating the reasons behind our actions.

Like I said in the video, we need to “rest our feet” and learn to “feel the motions we seek”. In other words, we need to dissuade ourselves from joining the crowd, detach ourselves from this urban organism, and live.

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